Dr. John Bryan Page's  research on people who engage in socially disapproved behaviors has dominated his professional activity for the last three decades. He has studied patterns of marijuana smoking, poly-drug consumption, self-injection, crack use, and sex trade. These studies have relied on a number of methods, including direct observation of risky behaviors, indepth interviewing of drug users, qualitative analysis of textual materials, focus groups, survey methods, secondary data analysis, and laboratory techniques for determining immune status, viral load, and/or recent drug consumption.

Dr. Page has conducted studies funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute of Mental Health. His research experience in local neighborhoods uniquely equips him to help research teams to accomplish goals related to intervening at the community level and monitoring the impact of the intervention. Dr. Page’s publications often address questions of community setting and approaches to finding specific populations in those settings. His recent work has emphasized the value of on-the-scene perspectives in the study of human behaviors such as formation of couples, seeking of
health care, and uptake of tobacco use.