Dr. Patrick S. Bordnick is an Associate Professor with the University of Houston-Graduate College of Social Work. Dr. Bordnick has over fifteen years experience in clinical and laboratory research on cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamine, and nicotine addiction. Research interest areas include clinical medication trials, treatment development, human laboratory studies, virtual reality, and data collection/database management. Dr. Bordnick has been funded as a research fellow by NIDA (F-32), and has individual grants for nicotine-2R42DA016085-02, 1R41DA016085-01, alcohol- 1R41AA014312-01A1, and cannabis-1R41 DA018454-01. Dr. Bordnick is Co-researcher on many NIH funded projects and has had numerous state and privately funded projects on drug craving and reactivity. Dr. Bordnick received an international award in 2004 for outstanding scientific merit in VR drug abuse research from the Canada Chair in Cyber Psychology.

HCI Visionary
Patrick envisions a world where humans interact seamlessly with technology, to improve teaching, research, therapy, and aid in knowledge building. Using technology to solve real world problems has been the hallmark of his work. Current projects include: Virtual reality systems for assessing drug use triggers and craving, Virtual reality treatment software for nicotine dependence, Virtual reality programs for studying drug use contexts, and testing clinical teaching systems based on artificial intelligence platforms. Patrick Bordnick is one of the foremost experts in the world on virtual reality cue reactivity.

Patrick is a portrait photographer and digital artist. Most of his work focuses on capturing people “in the moment” vs. staged poses. His work is enhanced by the use of artificial light sources in outdoor setting to create a sense of being. Currently, Patrick is experimenting with night photography using “painting with light” techniques. In addition to artist pursuits, Patrick incorporates his images and photorealistic textures into virtual reality environments for use in his research. Stop by, Patrick is always willing to discuss cameras, Photoshop, or other artistic endeavors.