The mission of the CDSPR is to:
Conduct and promote innovative research on substance abuse under strict scientific and ethical conditions.

Identify the social, historical, political and cultural aspects that contribute to substance abuse and related problems.

Propose and incorporate social policies that may prevent substance abuse.

The CDSPR innovative social behavioral research efforts allow our researchers to collect data, examine problems and identify solutions.

The CDSPR’s goals include:
Providing an interdisciplinary University focus on drug research among various populations in the United States, South Texas and the U.S./Mexico border with a special emphasis on Hispanics.

Stimulate research collaboration among UH scholars in various disciplines.

Seek external funding from public and private foundations for research.

Provide research initiatives designed to partner communities, institutions and agencies with UH faculty.

Conduct drug research from both a national and international perspective.

Contribute to the development of public policy related to these issues.