Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America

Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion in partnership with the Center for Student Involvement is hosting an innovative diversity leadership experience for your student leaders. The Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America is an engaging one-day experience dedicated to introducing students to topics of social justice as they relate to leadership development.

This experience consists of boundary-breaking, experiential activities that help participants learn about themselves and each other. Participants will be led through a customized structured sequence of activities that promote the development of trust and safety within the group. The Institute will provide your students leaders with necessary awareness, content knowledge, and skills to help foster leadership development and mutual respect when exploring issues of diversity.


Please note, to register students must log into their access UH accounts, click on the Get Involved Icon and then click the link provided.


Saturday, September 30th

8:00am – 9:00am
Continental Breakfast
Student Center South - Houston Room (Rm. #220)

9:00am – 9:30am
Conference Welcome
Student Center South - Houston Room (Rm. #220)

9:45am – 11:00am
Workshop Block I

Session A
The Identity Compass
Student Center South – Space City Room (Rm. #214)

Identity, the way we see ourselves in relation to those around us, is comprised of many traits and social roles, chosen and unchosen, visible and invisible. Identity can be the source of our greatest pride and the site of our greatest vulnerability. The most painful emotional attacks are the ones that are aimed at who we are. In this thought-provoking workshop, participants will have the opportunity to consider the impact of multiple aspects of their own identities and share their stories with others engaged in the same process of discovery.

Session B
Knowledge: What I Need to Know?
Student Center South - Bayou City Room (Rm. #219)

As diversity and inclusion continues to rise to institutional priority, this session is to provide advisors with an overview of social justice topics, including microaggressions, cultural competency, LGBTQ, and secular. This session will include crucial terminology and theory to provide participants with a better understanding of what is being discussed on campuses. This session also offers a window to understanding the experiences of our students as they may identify with multiple intersecting identities.

11:00am – 12:15pm
Workshop Block II

Session A
The Immigration Experience
Student Center South - Space City Room (Rm# 214)

Despite the fact that the United States is a nation of immigrants, immigration is currently a hot political topic. In this absorbing session, participants will have the opportunity to experience for themselves some of the challenges faced by immigrants to this country. Additionally, myths about immigrants and the immigration experience will be examined and factual information will be provided. Finally, participants will discuss how their increased understanding can be translated into action in their school and in their communities.

Session B
The Role of Identity in Social Justice
Student Center South - Bayou City Room (Rm #219)

Stories are powerful. Sharing stories is foundational to the building of community. In this workshop, participants will experience an illuminating approach to communicating with each other about the multiple aspects of identity, while being listened to with compassion and respect. Not only will the participants learn about each other’s diverse backgrounds and experiences, they will also have the opportunity to build relationships based on universal feelings and their common humanity.

12:15pm – 1:15pm
Houston Room (Rm. #220)

1:15pm – 2:30pm
Workshop Block III

Session A
No More Drama: Using Restorative Practices for Student Leaders
Student Center South - Space City Room (Rm. #214)

Conflict is an inevitable consequence when diverse students are brought together for a common goal. However, how these students deal with those conflicts can determine how effective the group will operate. This workshop is geared towards empowering participants with effective restorative practice skills that they can use to help facilitate difficult conversations, meetings, or events. Furthermore, attendees of this workshop will leave the session having explored their own comfort level with various dimensions of conflict resolution.

Session B
Skills & Actions: What Can I Really Do?
Student Center South - Bayou City Room (Rm #219)

Never leave home without a set of tools and resources to help you better advocate for causes on your campus. This session will introduce best practices for advocacy (i.e. underrepresented populations or diverse student organizations) on your campus. This session will explore the concept “intentions vs. impact” while sharing best practices of renowned social justice practitioners. Students will work together in small round tables to discuss their experiences during this session as well.

2:30pm – 3:00pm
Conference Closing & Evaluation
Student Center South - Houston Room (Rm #220)