Fee Schedule for Students

CAPS offers various free and low-cost services to eligible UH current students. Payments are due at the CAPS front desk at the time of the appointment. Students may pay with a credit card or request the charge be billed to their student account.

Service Fee Session Limit
Initial Consultation/Treatment Planning Session/Referrals Free N/A
Group Counseling Free None
Individual Counseling $5 per session. Effective January 2, 2013. Brief Therapy
Couples Counseling $10 fee per session Brief Therapy
No Show/Late Cancel/Late Reschedule for IC, CC $25 for each individual. Effective January 2, 2013. N/A
1Group leaders have discretion as to whether or not any individual is appropriate for their group.

Fee Schedule for Faculty and Staff

Service Fee Session Limit
Crisis triage and referrals Free N/A
Group Counseling Not Eligible N/A
Individual Counseling Not Eligible N/A
Couples Counseling Not Eligible N/A