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As a student, you may encounter academic, emotional and social concerns at some point in your time at UH. We commonly hear students say, "I don’t need counseling because I'm not crazy". We want you to know that students seek counseling for a wide range of issues that may interfere with their daily life activities, some of which may include low academic performance, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, loneliness, depression, adjustment issues, identity issues, suicidal thoughts, and bipolar disorder. Contrary to the myth, student who seeks counseling are not "weak", they have strength and courage to recognize when they may need help, which is the first step in solving any difficulty.

As mental health professionals, we strive to help students cope and work towards self-understanding and improvement of psychological, interpersonal and academic functioning. CAPS is committed to diversity and inclusiveness and our staff embrace all who seek services here. We understand that it is a big step to seek mental health services. We are here to help, so before you decide that your problem is too great or too small, please give us a call. We are here to help you weather any storm.

Over 1,668 UH students have visited CAPS in the last year. They come from very diverse backgrounds and seek our services when they are experiencing stress, hopelessness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, difficulty adjusting, relationship issues, identity questions, and a variety of other concerns.

CAPS staff members provide a safe, confidential atmosphere where, together, we can talk about your current situation in the context of your personal history and life experiences. You can come to see yourself, your relationships, and the world in a different way. In order to ensure a safe environment for students to explore their personal concerns all counseling services are confidential. This means that our staff will not reveal your identity, will not confirm or deny your participation in counseling when anyone else is inquiring, and will not provide any details about what has been discussed in counseling without your written consent. We do not give information to parents or to other offices or departments within the university without your written consent. You may request to have information shared with the person(s) of your choice and can sign a release granting us permission to share confidential counseling information. Psychology ethics and state law require that these services be confidential except under unusual, well-defined circumstances.

We Offer a Variety of Services

Eligibility and Fees

How to Make an Initial Consultation Appointment

If you are interested in our services, call CAPS at (713) 743-5454 to arrange a free initial consultation (ICON) appointment. An ICON appointment usually requires 60 minutes, however, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete paperwork. ICONs are available throughout the week and can be scheduled at your convenience. The ICON is an opportunity for you and a CAPS clinician to determine what kinds of services will best meet your needs. These may be CAPS services or referrals to other campus and community agencies. Please let us know if you will need any accommodations or assistance with completing your paperwork at the time you schedule your appointment.

CAPS Staff

CAPS staff consists of doctoral and masters level clinicians, as well as, advanced graduate trainees in counseling and clinical psychology.

Additional Information

Please take some time to browse our website. In these pages, you will find a wealth of information about who we are, how we work, the services we offer, and many resources you can use to help yourself and others. Our most important commitment at CAPS is to help students succeed.

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