CAPS Liaisons

Each CAPS staff member has an on-going liaison relationship with a department, office and/or student group at UH. This liaison relationship helps to bridge the gap between CAPS services and the campus community by educating the campus community on how to deal with students facing mental health issues. Specifically, the specified office can call to address concerns about student mental health issues, how to cope with a student that may be experiencing difficulties and how to refer to CAPS. In addition, the staff liaison can act as a direct referral source for that office or act as the key outreach program leader.

Academic Affairs

Department CAPS Liaison
Academic Program Management Dr. Ngo
Admissions Office Dr. Ngo
African American Studies Program Dr. Jimenez
Athletics Department Mr. Walford & Ms. Trummer
Center for Mexican-American Studies Dr. Jimenez
Department of Art Dr. Frame
Educational Psychology (EPSY) Dr. Sun
English Department Dr. Smith
Exploratory Studies Ms. Drucker
Graduate School Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
Language & Culture Center (LCC) Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
Moores School of Music Dr. Sun
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Dr. Smith
UH School of Theatre and Dance Dr. Smith


College CAPS Liaison
College of Architecture Dr. Mølbak
College of Business Dr. Mølbak
College of Education Dr. Jimenez
College of Engineering Dr. Frame
College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) Dr. Clemenson
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
College of Optometry Dr. Mølbak
College of Pharmacy Dr. Knox
College of Technology Ms. Drucker
Graduate College of Social Work Dr. Clemenson
Honors College Dr. Frame
UH Law Center Dr. Sun

Residence Halls

Department CAPS Liaison
UH Student Housing & Residential Life (Administration) Ms. Drucker & Ms. Kini
Bayou Oaks Ms. Kini
Calhoun Lofts Mr. Walford
Cambridge Oaks Mr. Ranschaert
Cullen Oaks Ms. Trummer
Cougar Place Ms. Drucker
Cougar Village I (High) Dr. Frame
Cougar Village I (Low) Dr. Smith
Cougar Village II (High) Dr. Knox
Cougar Village II (Low) Dr. Clemenson
Moody Towers (North Tower) Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
Moody Towers (South Tower) Dr. Mølbak
Quadrangle Dr. Jimenez

Student Resources

Department/Organization CAPS Liaison
A.D. Bruce Religion Center Ms. Clemenson
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Dr. Ngo
Air Force ROTC Dr. Knox
Army ROTC Dr. Frame
Campus Recreation Dr. Knox
Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life Ms. Drucker
Center for Student Involvement Dr. Knox
Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD) Dr. Scott
Challenger Program Dr. Jimenez
Cougars in Recovery Dr. Smith
College Success Program Ms. Drucker
The Cougar Dr. Scott
Dean of Students Office Dr. Ngo
Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Jimenez
Human Resources Dr. Ngo
International Student & Scholar Services Office (ISSSO) Dr. Mølbak
LGBT Resource CenterDr. Smith
Learning & Assessment Services (LAS) Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
Learning Support Services (LSS) Ms. Drucker
Psychology Research & Services Center (PRSC) Dr. Scott
Student Centers Dr. Scott
Student Government Association (SGA) Dr. Ngo
Study Abroad Program, Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP) Ms. Clemenson
UH Department of Public Safety (UHDPS) Dr. Ngo
UH Wellness Dr. Sun
University Career Services Dr. Scott
University Health Center/Psychiatry Dr. Scott
University Parking and Transportation Dr. Chanderbhan-Forde
University Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic Dr. Mølbak
Urban Experience Program Dr. Sun
Veteran Services Office Dr. Knox
VC/VP of Student Affairs Dr. Ngo
Women and Gender Resource Center Dr. Smith & Mr. Ranschaert