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Orlando Statement

CAPS joins the UH community and the world in expressing how deeply saddened we are by the tragedy that occurred in Orlando. This shooting took place at Pulse, a venue that serves the LGBTQ and Latino communities in Orlando. We recognize that UH students from a number of different communities are being impacted and may need support. We stand as an ally to anyone who is being judged or persecuted for their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic identity, or religious affiliation. If you would like support during this very challenging time, or at any point in the future, please call CAPS at 713-743-5454 or stop by our office for a same day consultation. CAPS is located in room 226 of Student Service Center 1.


CAPS promotes the well-being of the diverse campus community by balancing high quality mental health services and clinical training with accessibility to foster student success through self-discovery, learning and interpersonal engagement.

CAPS embraces the belief that students’ mental health is a vital component of their academic, professional, and personal success. CAPS will expand awareness of and access to mental health services in order to positively impact the emotional well-being of the campus community, enhance help-seeking behaviors, and effectively assist students to become engaged global citizens.