What to do if you are in crisis

In case of imminent danger call 911. An individual experiencing a crisis during our office hours is encouraged to come to CAPS as soon as possible and ask to speak to the available Clinician on Duty. In the event of an after-hours crisis, call the University of Houston Department of Public Safety at (713) 743-3333 and ask to be transferred to the CAPS "Clinician on Call."

Crisis Information

Crisis Intervention of Houston (713) 468-5463
Gay and Lesbian Switchboard of Houston (713) 529-3211
Houston Police Department Crisis Intervention 911
Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority (MHMRA) (713) 970-7000
Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (713) 970-7520
National Center for Victims of Crime Stalking Resource Center (800) 394-2255
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (800) 273-8255
National Suicide Hotline (TTY Capable) (800) 799-4889
NeuroPsychiatric Center (NPC) Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) (713) 970-4600
NeuroPsychiatric Center (NPC) Crisis Stabilization Unit (713) 970-4604
University of Houston Department of Public Safety (713) 743-3333