Helping Students of Concern

CAPS recognizes that in your critical roles as faculty and staff at the university, you are often the frontline contact with students. CAPS is here to support you, and together, we can promote student success at UH. If you become concerned about a student’s behavior, it is important to be informed and know where to get help. The following brochure encapsulates warning signals and risk factors, tips on how to respond and refer, and important contact numbers. While the information is not intended to be exhaustive, it does provide you with a good overview of the signs when a student may be struggling or in crisis and valuable action steps you may take. Please know that we are available to you at any point for assistance by calling 713.743.5454 during or after business hours. CAPS is staffed by licensed psychologists and advanced graduate students trained to further assess and treat persons with such symptoms.

Helping Students of Concern Brochure