CAPS clinical staff consists of licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, and advanced graduate trainees in counseling and clinical psychology.

Leadership Staff

Norma Ngo, Psy.D.


Norma Ngo

Dr. Ngo is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She has been in practice for 24 years across a variety of settings, including university counseling centers, emergency room, forensic, inpatient, community mental health. Dr. Ngo is a trainer, consultant, and media expert in College Mental Health, Human Sexuality, and Diversity and Inclusion. She maintains a part-time private practice specializing in individual and couples with relationship and sexuality concerns. Dr. Ngo is a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD), and the Texas University and College Counseling Directors Association (TUCCDA). Dr. Ngo is immediate Past President of TUCCDA. She has previously served as an oral examiner and professional reviewer of complaints for the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, as well as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Asian American Family Services.

Rune Mølbak, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Clinical Services

Rune Molbak

Dr. Mølbak has 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy for adolescents and adults in community mental health settings, university counseling centers, and private practice. He is a certified emotionally-focused couples therapist and has received training in psychodynamic and emotion-focused therapies, such as EFT and AEDP. Dr. Mølbak’s areas of interest and expertise include: couples therapy, trauma work, supervision, and teaching. Dr. Mølbak has published widely in psychological journals on topics as diverse as multicultural psychology, substance abuse, child development, and philosophical approaches to psychology.

Cecilia Sun, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Training

Cecilia Sun

Dr. Cecilia Sun has 24 years of experience in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, community mental health, career services, academic counseling, and neonatal intensive care. Her areas of interest include supervision and training, group therapy, ethnic and LGBTIQ identity development, psychology of the performing arts, interpersonal psychotherapy, personality disorders, sexual trauma, and technology. She has served on the Board of Directors (2003-2005, 2010-2012) for the Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA). She also serves as the e-mail List Manager for the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).

Clinical Staff

Andrew Bingman, Psy.D.

Andrew Bingman

Dr. Andrew Bingman has six years of experience in a variety of settings, including university counseling centers and community mental health agencies. His areas of interest include: trauma-related concerns, interpersonal difficulties, personality disorders, men’s issues, LGBTQ+ related concerns, and clinical supervision and training. Dr. Bingman’s therapeutic approach is integrative and collaborative, and he has a background in psychodynamic therapy, multicultural/feminist therapy, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Janet Clemenson, LCSW

Psychological Counselor
Let's Talk Coordinator

Janet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 38 years of experience working with individuals (children, adolescents and adults of all ages), couples, and families in a variety of settings including residential treatment, day treatment, outpatient community-based mental health, and, most recently, private psychotherapy practice. Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to, depression and anxiety, managing anger/intense emotions, emerging adulthood, multiculturalism, life changes and adjustment, ADHD and other learning difficulties, LGBTQ-related struggles, couples and families, and the impact of technology/social media on adolescents and young adults. Janet embraces a team approach to counseling, in which the client and therapist are equal partners in the change process.

Laura Conner, M.S., LPC.

Laura Conner

Laura Conner is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 6 years of experience working in university counseling centers and community centers. Her areas of interest include crisis intervention, trauma support and recovery, anxiety, depression, multiculturalism, interpersonal relationships, and identity exploration. She has a passion working with traditional and non-traditional college students, as this stage of life can be an integral period of development and personal growth. Laura often utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a framework in treatment, while incorporating various approaches in a collaborative effort to fit her client’s needs.

Marianela Dornhecker, Ph.D.


Marianela Dornhecker

Dr. Marianela Dornhecker has 7 years of experience working in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, community mental health clinics, correctional settings, and VA outpatient clinics. Her areas of interest include: resilience in an academic setting, adjustment, trauma-related concerns, identity development, interpersonal concerns, issues related to self-worth/self-esteem, multicultural and diversity issues, and LGBTQ-related struggles. Dr. Dornhecker works from an integrative approach that emphasizes an interpersonal and relational-cultural perspective. She aims to understand her client’s worldview and cultural context and to create an empowering space in which an individual’s values guide their change process. She focuses on building a strong therapeutic relationship to encourage authenticity and self-exploration in therapy.

Denver A. Hall, Ph.D.

Denver has had the pleasure of working with college students and adults for the last 8 years, with the majority of his training taking place within various university counseling centers. Besides providing both individual and group therapy, Denver also has significant experience conducting various psychological and diagnostic assessments. Denver approaches therapy from a primarily interpersonal orientation, with clinical interests that include training and supervision, as well as working with college students and emerging adults around issues related to anxiety and mood, interpersonal and relational concerns, ADHD, existential concerns, and individuals' overall adjustment to college.

Yesica Lemus, MA, LPC

Yesica Lemus

Yesica Lemus is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 9 years of experience in a variety of settings including academic, non-profit, private practice, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Her areas of interests include: anxiety, depression, trauma related concerns, multicultural and diversity related issues, family stressors, adjustment to college, and identity based issues. She has experience providing individual and group therapy for adolescents and adults. Yesica’s therapeutic approach is eclectic and collaborative; she values each client’s unique narrative and lived experiences. She has a passion for working with individuals who hold marginalized identities and aims to provide an authentic and safe therapeutic environment for her clients.

Morgan McCain, Ph.D.

Group Coordinator

Morgan McCain

Dr. McCain joined the CAPS team in 2016 and has worked with college students for nearly a decade. In addition to her role of providing individual counseling, she coordinates the Groups program at CAPS and manages the department’s social media pages. Dr. McCain’s approach to therapy is collaborative and informed by an interpersonal, emotion-focused, and multicultural lens. Although she considers herself to be a generalist, she has a passion for working with individuals with marginalized identities. She also has a special interest in providing outreach services to diverse audiences.

Leah A. McCoy, MA, LPC, NCC

Psychological Counselor

Leah McCoy

Leah has 15 years of experience in a variety of settings including non-profit Christian counseling organization, crisis center, outpatient multidisciplinary Samaritan center, and a university counseling center. Her areas of interest and expertise include: individual, pre-marital, couples, sexual health and dysfunction therapy, communication and conflict resolution, spirituality issues, life transitions, relationship enrichment and public speaking. Utilizing integrative psychotherapy, focusing primarily on psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy style, she aims to create a safe place to explore life’s challenges. Leah has co-authored a relationship workbook/DVD enrichment series and is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist, a Prepare/Enrich Assessment Facilitator and a Level 2 PAIRS Certified Instructor. Leah serves CAPS’ clients on the UH Main and Sugar Land campuses.

David Ranschaert, Psy.D.


David Ranschaert

Dr. Ranschaert has 9 years of experience in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, VA outpatient and substance abuse centers, community mental health and an inpatient psychiatric hospital. He has experience conducting individual and group therapy and administering psychological assessments. His clinical interests include multicultural factors in therapy, adjustment to college and university, working with resident assistants, and working with marginalized groups on university campuses.

Meghan Roche, Ph.D.

Meghan Roche

Meghan has 7 years of clinical experience in settings with adults, youth, and adolescents. She has worked with clients in an in-patient child and adolescent psychiatric hospital, an out-patient pediatric behavioral clinic, and college counseling centers. Meghan approaches work with clients collaboratively and from an integrative framework, primarily drawing from cognitive behavioral, person-centered, and interpersonal perspectives. Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to: emerging adulthood, identity development, multiculturalism, issues related to self-worth and empowerment, interpersonal relationships, anxiety, and depression. She also has experience and interest in career counseling, administration of career assessments, and interpretation of career assessments. Meghan also enjoys teaching and community and campus engagement and advocacy.​

Justyn Smith, M.S., LPC

Justyn Smith

Justyn Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a passion for mental health awareness and wellness. He has 6 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including academic, community health agencies, psychiatric hospitals, non-profits, and private practice. His areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, adjustment to college, men’s issues, LGBTQ+ related concerns, multiculturalism and clinical supervision and training. Justyn’s approach to therapy is collaborative, integrating person centered and cognitive-behavioral perspectives, while informed through a multicultural lens. He also enjoys teaching, advocacy and providing outreach services to diverse audiences.

Marti Trummer, Ph.D.


Marti Trummer

Dr. Marti Trummer has over 6 years of experience in university counseling and career centers, community mental health and inpatient psychiatric hospitals. She has experience conducting individual and group therapy, psycho-education and assessment presentations and administering psychological evaluations. Utilizing emotion-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy styles, Dr. Trummer creates a safe place to explore life changes and challenges. Her clinical and research interests include developmental psychology, trauma, adjustment and acculturation, multicultural factors in therapy, and program evaluation.

Kazanda Wills, LPC

Psychological Counselor

Kazanda Wills is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a passion for mental health awareness and wellness. Kazanda has over 11 years of experience in various mental health settings including residential facilities and non-profit mental health agencies. Through her years of experience, Kazanda has worked with a diverse population of clients including children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Kazanda utilizes both a systemic and person-centered therapeutic approach to counseling and respects the confidential relationship between client and counselor as it is a critical component. Her areas of interest and expertise include the following: Crisis Intervention, couples counseling, family therapy and group therapy. Kazanda is also passionate about continuing to learn through trainings and research.

Laura Zavala-Membreno, LPC

Psychological Counselor

Laura Zavala-Membreno

Laura is a Licensed Professional Counselor from Houston, Texas. She has 10 years of experience providing individual and group therapy to adults in community agencies, residential settings, and private practice. Her specialties include working with survivors of trauma, including sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Laura is a trained Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist as well as a Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) provider, two evidence-based treatments for the resolution of trauma. She takes an integrative, holistic approach to therapy, collaborating with her clients and combining techniques from various therapeutic modalities to create an individualized path towards wellness. In addition to trauma, Laura’s interests include anxiety, depression, emerging adulthood, and multicultural factors in therapy.

Steven Zuniga, Ph.D.

Steven Zuniga

Dr. Steven Zuniga has 6 years of experience working with adults in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, community mental health clinics, and VA inpatient/outpatient clinics. His areas of interests include: issues related to multicultural and diversity development, LGBTQ+ concerns, working with individuals who have intersecting identities, interpersonal difficulties, as well as training and supervision. Dr. Zuniga works from an integrative approach to therapy that incorporates person-centered, multicultural, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral perspectives.

Doctoral Psychology Interns 2018 – 2019

Shavonne Fuller, M.A.

Psy.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology - Adler University, Chicago

Shavonne Fuller

Shavonne has three years of clinical experience in university counseling and community mental health settings serving diverse clients from all walks of life. Her experience includes conducting individual therapy, consultation, and crisis management primarily with adults. Shavonne's clinical experience also includes diagnostic training in comprehensive assessment (i.e. achievement, intelligence, projective, etc.) with both adolescent and adult populations. Shavonne's therapeutic style integrates relational-cultural theory and feminist theory with a framework in multicultural theory. Her dissertation focuses on understanding the messages, both explicit and implicit, that contribute to the perpetuation of intimate partner violence in Black women. One of her long-term goals is to develop a curriculum for women who are experiencing domestic violence within unconventional settings that integrates mental health and culturally relevant practices. She is very excited to work with the UH population and is happy to join the CAPS staff for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Ash Lanehurst, M.A.

Ph.D. Candidate, Counseling Psychology – The University of Texas at Austin

Ash Lanehurst

Ash has 7 years of experience working with both individuals and groups in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, community clinics, and rehabilitation centers. These experiences include individual and group counseling, comprehensive psychological assessments, and mental health consultation. Ash's therapeutic style centers on a psychodynamic framework that emphasizes the "here-and-now" of the therapeutic relationship. Their dissertation focuses on the interaction between the impostor phenomenon and critical consciousness.

Janee’ N. Stevenson M.S., M.A., M.Ed.

Psy.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology - Chestnut Hill College

Janee’ N.  Stevenson

Janee’ Stevenson has a wealth of experience working clinically with various populations (children, adolescents, and adults); however, her passion is working with emerging adults in the college counseling setting. Her clinical and research interests include adjustment and achievement of emerging adults, relationship issues, multicultural issues, particularly, the effects of racism and discrimination on marginalized groups. Her recently defended dissertation, A Phenomenological Study of What It Means to be a Strong Black Woman for African American Women Pursuing a Doctoral Degree, sought to elucidate the needs of this group and inform academic institutions of ways to support African American women as they pursue a terminal degree. Janee’ is a student-affiliate member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA), New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA), and The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).

Daniel Wendler, M.A.

Psy.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology - George Fox University

Daniel Wendler

Daniel has 3 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, including university counseling, community mental health, hospital emergency departments, and private practice. He works with clients from an integrative perspective, drawing from cognitive behavioral and interpersonal approaches. He has also conducted comprehensive psychological assessments comprising cognitive, behavioral, and personality evaluations. His areas of clinical interest include interpersonal relationships, loneliness and social difficulties, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. His dissertation research studied the social and emotional benefits of improv theater training for youth on the autism spectrum.

Practicum Students 2018 – 2019

Victoria Bennett, M.A.

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology - University of Houston

Victoria has counseling experience with individuals and couples, as well as administering assessments to children and adults. She has four years of research experience: 2 years working as lab coordinator in an experimental psychopathology lab while working towards her master's degree at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, followed by 2 years at UH with Dr. Julia Babcock and the Emotions in Marriage Lab. She works with clients using a cognitive-behavioral framework. Her research interests include intimate partner violence and healthy relationship functioning.

Renae DeLucia, B.A.

Ph.D. Student, Counseling Psychology – University of Houston

Renae  DeLucia

Renae has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults providing skills-based interventions and administrating assessments. She has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, the Veterans Administration, and coordinating services in community-based mental health. Her current research interests include LGBTQ+ mental health disparities, with a focus on bisexual mental health.

Gulden Esat, M.Ed.

Ph.D. Student, School Psychology - University of Houston

Gulden  Esat

Gulden received her masters and advanced degree from University of Massachusetts. She worked as a school psychologist in Iowa public schools for two years. In the year 2003, she went back to her hometown Istanbul. There, she ran a private practice business providing services to children and their families; doing assessment, counseling, and coaching. After fifteen years of practice, Gulden decided to become an academician. She chose the field of school psychology because she wanted to develop preventative mental-health interventions that can be delivered in schools. Her current area of interest is the impact of mindfulness and spirituality on the well-being of college students.

Kyran Walker, B.A.

M.Ed. Student, Counseling - University of Houston

Kyran  Walker

Kyran has experience in education, working with adolescents. Additionally, they have assisted with research for the Transgender Health Lab and the Sleep and Anxiety Center of Houston. Their areas of interest are with the LGBTQ+ community, issues related to gender, and concerns of identity formation.

Support Staff

Turia Abdulrahman

Administrative Assistant

Ken McBride

Office Assistant II

Ken McBride

Ken joined the CAPS department in the Summer of 2017 coming from previous companies in the private sector such as Cintas, Port of Houston Authority, and DHL with customer service and office experience. Ken, also is a native Houstonian who attended Prairie View A&M University and is currently involved with several non-profit organizations including Petals and Pearls Group Inc. as the COO which serves the Greater Houston community. In his leisure time he plays adult kickball and volunteer coaching little league. “Having an opportunity to make a great impression on the student body brings a new level of excitement knowing I’m making a better future for the University of Houston.” I’m excited to be at the PowerHouse!

Marilyn Stidham

Office Assistant II

Marilyn Stidham

Marilyn was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She comes to CAPS with a variety of experiences; from being Academic Advisor in the UH Computer Science Department to the Dean's Assistant at Baytown Christian Academy. After getting her BA degree in Interior Design from The College of the Holy Spirit, she moved to Taipei, Taiwan where she was an English teacher for 3 years; that’s also where she met and married her husband. They have been involved in ministry together for over 25 years. In her spare time, Marilyn enjoys Cake decorating, Painting, developing new recipes and playing the piano. Marilyn has an intense interest in the emotional welfare of others, and enjoys being part of a team of caring people who impact lives every day.

Tonya Winters

Office Supervisor

Tonya Winters

Tonya provides administrative support to the UH Counseling & Psychological services team! She has 16 years of Mental Health support & customer service experience in her current role as Office Supervisor. She currently serves as a member of the UH Staff Council as Events Co-Chair, DSAES Customer Service Champion and 2015 Customer Service Award recipient. She is passionate about people, relationships, UH & staff issues and is truly committed Her passion to serve within this population stems from seeing a lack of help for those in her community and family, growing up. Personally, feeling helpless while navigating life is a feeling she has experienced & never wants anyone to experience especially those striving to discover their own passion and purpose. She is a native of Beaumont, TX and is a licensed and ordained minister who in her downtime enjoys cycling, reading and lounging with her emotional support … Zion! Favorite Quote: “Be strong and very courageous, don’t be afraid or discouraged; for the Lord is with you wherever you go.” Josh 1:9