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10:00 am

For his debut at Blaffer Art Museum, the artist’s first solo museum exhibition, Coolquitt will recombine 60 discrete sculptures and tableaux made between 2006 and 2011 into a site-specific installation which, in its singularity and temporariness, reflects on the condition of the gallery space as a codified place of encounter for people and works of art. The exhibition will also include pieces that occupy a hybrid position between autonomous artworks by Coolquitt and what the artist calls somebody-mades and in-betweens. Somebody-mades are assemblages of objects that are presented just as the artist found them in the streets, while in-betweens combine such found assemblages with interventions of his own. Presented alongside and interspersed with his own work, these elements serve to further complicate the relationship between the contexts of creation and reception, artist and audience, and blur the boundaries between art and life.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated monograph co-published by Blaffer Art Museum and University of Texas Press with contributions by Rachel Hooper, Dan Fox, Matthew Higgs, and Jan Tumlir.

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1:30 pm

Insights into Guitar Composition with Andy Mitchell

Composing is a difficult skill to teach because composers use a variety of processes, often guarding these practices from others. Guitar composer Andy Mitchell reveals his own insights and a practical approach to writing for the classical guitar. Discover useful tips and tricks to help guide you through the composition process, and consider new concepts that may help you develop your own methods.

For more information, visit: www.tmf.uh.edu

7:30 pm

A season of Dynamic Duos and mixed chamber music featuring the faculty artists of the Texas Music Festival performing music of Schubert, Martinu, Tchaikowsky, and Britten.




Franz Schubert: Duo Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano
David Anderson: Sonata for Double Bass and Harp 
Bohuslav Martinu: 3 Madrigals for Violin and Viola
Tchaikovsky: Waltz-Scherzo for Violin and Piano
Antonin Dvorak: Selections from Songs My Mother Taught Me
Benjamin Britten: Sonata in C for Cello and Piano


Performers include:


Zuo Jun, Lucie Robert, Kirsten Yon, violin
Ivo-Jan van der Werff, viola
Norman Fischer, cello
Dennis Whittaker, double bass 
Paula Page, harp 
Timothy Hester, Tali Morgulis, piano