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Start Time
8:00 am10:00 pm
Wilderness Trek at Pedernales Falls

The falls are the main attraction in the park with interesting geological features formed by powerful floods. Hike and enjoy the beauty of nature.

11:00 am2:00 pm
Health and HDFS Career Fair

Join University Career Services, UH HSA and UH HDSA for the Health and Human Development and Family Studies Career Fair.

6:00 pm7:30 pm
The Rockwell Lecture Series Presents: An Evening with Soledad O'Brien

The Rockwell Lecture Series presents an evening with one of the most recognized names in broadcasting, Soledad O'Brien. Through the power of storytelling, Soledad O'Brien brings a fresh perspective on diverse and contemporary issues to foster change in your own community or organization.

7:30 pm9:30 pm
Percussion Ensemble I

"Fridays at Moores" continues with a performance by Percussion Ensemble I.

8:00 am6:00 pm
Farmer's Market Bike Ride

Enjoy a day of biking through downtown Houston, shopping at a farmers markets and visiting Discovery Green.