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10:00 am

Swimming and Diving - Phill Hansel Invite

11:00 am

Enjoy food, fashion and fun from around the world as UH College of Pharmacy's Class of 2016 presents the 20th Annual International Day, a celebration of the rich cultural heritage represented in the college. Free entertainment includes a fashion show, music and dance performances, and other activities. For $5, attendees may sample from a variety of international/ethnic cuisine.


5:00 pm

Food for Thought Lecture Series

Best-selling author Gustavo Arellano, whose work includes the nationally syndicated column “¡Ask a Mexican!,” will launch this year’s lecture series. Arellano will discuss his new book, “Taco, USA. How Mexican Food Conquered America,” which details why the U.S. loves all things folded in a tortilla, when salsa overtook ketchup as the country’s favorite condiment in the 1990s, nachos are the third-largest concession food after popcorn and soda, and the U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of tequila.  He addresses what constitutes “Mexican” food in the U.S.? What’s “authentic” and what’s “Taco Bell,” and does it matter?

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