Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Breakfast for our students, as well as a surprise that will blow you away!

Performances Students

Everyone loves some good nostalgia, so join us on Wednesday to take a trip back to the good olí days. With throwback performances and activities students will be able to relieve parts of the past!

Community Students

University of Houston students, staff and faculty will be able to shop for locally sourced and produced food items without having to leave campus at the UH Farmers Market.

Performances Community Students Arts Featured

Join the LGBTQ Resource Center as we partner with GLOBAL, an LGBTQ student organization, for the third annual production of the Coming Out Monologues. These monologues are performed each fall by LGBTQ students who share their own stories and experiences. Some stories are sad and some funny, but all empower people to embrace their identities.


A new and exciting event coming to campus! Spirit teams will compete by decorating a bed provided by the Homecoming Board! Teams will race for the fastest time of the night and the most creative bed theme!