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Start Time
10:00 am3:30 pm
Diversity Institute

Intersectionality: A Framework for Socially Just Communities will explore the overlap of social categories of race, class and gender.

3:00 pm6:00 pm
PES Career Fair

The Program for Excellence in Selling is hosting a career fair.

5:30 pm6:30 pm
MYTH: Men Don't Get Raped

As a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, The Women and Gender Resource Center presents- MYTH: Men Don't Get Raped. An engaging discussion exploring the dynamics of masculinity and the misconception that men cannot be victims of sexual assault.

10:00 am12:00 pm
Business Skills for Visual Artists Workshop

Join Fresh Arts and successful full-time artist Taft McWhorter to learn practical tips on how to move art-making out of the corners of your life, and safely put it front and center.