Monday, January 30, 2017
Students Lectures and Conferences

Columbia University's Dr. Derald Sue will lead a conversation on the power of microaggressions, how they show up within our campus community, and steps we can take to create more inclusive spaces.

Athletics Students

Come slay the court with a Wallyball league. The season runs January 30 through February 14.

Arts Music

So, you’ve secretly married your father’s assistant, your father is a fool, your sister is a harpy, your maiden aunt is lusting after your new husband, and a wealthy English count has come to enter into an arranged marriage with your sister, but decides he’d much rather marry you instead. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? At its premiere, this opera so delighted Emperor Leopold II that he ordered dinner for the cast and commanded the opera to be repeated that evening in its entirety! You will be glad to know we are planning on doing it only once a night, but if you bought us dinner we just might change our minds…

Athletics Students

Have fun playing in a dodgeball league! The season runs January 30 through February 16.