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Student Auditor Procedure

For information on auditing courses, see the policies in the Undergraduate Catalog or in the Graduate Catalog.These steps need to be followed in order for Student Auditors to be granted access to Blackboard Learn.

  1. Student Auditor needs to seek approval from the dean of the college in which the course is offered by completing the audit application forms from the office of the appropriate dean.
  2. Student Auditor goes to Bursar’s Office at 129 Welcome Center to make payment or get fee waiver certification from the Bursar’s Office.
  3. Student Auditor takes Bursar’s Office receipt back to department or college office.
  4. College or Department office creates Person of Interest (POI) for Student Auditor with POI type of “Other non-UHS students”. For more information, see the online ePOI form.
  5. Once the POI is completed and the Student Auditor has a myUH (PeopleSoft) ID, inform of Student Auditor’s PeopleSoft ID and CougarNet ID, as well as course and section into which to enroll the Student Auditor.
  6. It normally takes overnight for the completed POI to become available in the Blackboard Course Request System.
  7. The Blackboard account team enrolls the CougarNet account for the Student Auditor in the Course Request System, which will create the Blackboard Learn account with a role of student in the specified course and section.
  8. It normally takes overnight for the account to be created and enrolled in Blackboard Learn.
  9. The Blackboard account team informs Student Auditor and college or department of how to access Blackboard, including username and password format.

For help logging in or resetting their CourgarNet password, the Student Auditor should follow directions for students at Blackboard Student Help. Once steps 1-5 are completed, it will take another 2-3 days to finish the process.