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Required Information for Non-Academic Bb Learn Courses

Please complete this form to help us evaluate the best approach to accomplish your goals - whether a Blackboard course or another web-based approach.

1. Requester's Contact Information:
2. Purpose of the Course:

3. Course Information:
This is how students will see the course when they log in to Blackboard.
Proposed Course Number (eg., COMM1000)

and Course Name
4. Time Frame
What date will the course start?
What date will the course end?
5. Responsible Parties
Who are the Instructors? Include Peoplesoft IDs, if known.

Whom should students contact in the event of a problem?

Who is the registrar who will decide policies and procedures for this course?

6. Who will be students in the course?

How often will students be added/loaded to the course?

Note: If students are not affiliated with UH, you will be responsible for getting Persons of Interest (POI) sponsored accounts for them.

Other Pertinent Information