Current Issues

Issues with Mixed Content Pages – last updated 09-13-13
This is not an issue with Blackboard, but with browsers. When a secure web page (i.e. sites with URLs that begin with https), such as Blackboard Learn, contains "mixed active content" resources (i.e. sites with URLs that begin with http), different browsers respond differently.

Mozilla introduced Mixed Content Blocking in the latest version of Firefox (23).  Intended as a security response to “man in the middle” attacks, this feature blocks mixed content by default unless  specifically allowed during each page visit.  This specifically impacts non-https content loaded into a https page. To disable Firefox content blocking, see

While other browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer implement Mixed Content Blocking in similar fashions, in most cases they allow the user to add exceptions or permanently allow access to mixed content from a particular page.  Firefox 23 requires this content to be allowed on each page visit without a method to permanently allow content within that page only.

Chrome browser users must click the little shield icon at the far right side of the Navigation Toolbar and Load Insecure Content or Load Unsafe Script. Chrome's security settings disallow content from other sources (i.e. the Library website) to be displayed automatically in Blackboard Learn.

Discussion Board Slowness – last updated 10-10-13 
Since Service Pack 13 was installed on Blackboard Learn on Aug. 16, UH instructors have reported slow performance in the Discussion Board. A fix was applied on Oct. 7 that helped with some of the issues. A total of five fixes have been applied. Basically, this is an intermittent problem that only seems to affect instructors and not students.

Reporting Issues
Students should report issues to UIT Support Center Help Desk as explained at Instructors should report issues to