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Blackboard Accounts

Users access UH Blackboard Learn by using their CougarNet accounts, which are available to currently active UH students, faculty, and staff. For people who are not currently active UH students, faculty, or staff, access to UH Blackboard is only available after they have a current PeopleSoft ID and a current CougarNet ID.

A Persons of Interest form (POI), must be completed for new instructors, TAs, or adjunct instructors returning to UH after a semester off. POI’s are completed by the department or college business office that hired the instructor or TA. POIs create or reactivate an individual's PeopleSoft ID. Most business offices are already aware of the POI process and the steps necessary to complete one. One of the following POI types is needed to receive access to Blackboard Learn:

106 for Future Faculty

108 for Guest Speakers

400 for Other Students - non-UHS

A Sponsorship Account form must be completed to receive a CougarNet ID.  Any full-time employee can do this. It can, but does not have to be completed by Business Services office. A sponsorship account form creates a CougarNet account and ID for a person. This form is submitted through University Information Technology and is handled by the Sponsored Account Team.

PeopleSoft and the Sponsored Account Team are two separate entities apart from Blackboard Learn. However, a POI must be processed before a sponsored account can be created. 

For more information on completing the POI form, see 

For more information on completing the Sponsorship Account form, see