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Master of Architecture (MARCH +2)

The Master of Architecture [MARCH +2] is a two year professional degree focused on architectural design and practice. The degree is accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Please visit the Accreditation page to learn more.

This program is dedicated to critical inquiry and the professional discipline of architecture. With a one year (two semester) core studio sequence built upon a previously completed undergraduate degree in architecture, followed by a culminating year (two semester) focused on cutting edge research and experimentation, the curriculum has focused and cumulative thematic sequence of: contextualization (fall year 1); synthetization (spring year 1); globalization (optional summer year 1); individuation (fall year 2); and assertion (spring year 2). Beginning with a core studio sequence with integrated history and theory; technology of materials and assemblies, structures, and environmental and sustainable systems; and professional practice; the core sequence is augmented by a large selection of topical studios, global studies, elective seminars and a culminating yearlong master’s project. This curricular flexibility allows for concentrations in Media + Fabrication, Sustainable Architecture and Urban Systems.

MARCH +2 Degree Plan

The professional Master of Architecture (MARCH +2) degree is a professional degree program for students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree in Architecture or Environmental Design.

The four semester program consists of 60 academic credits that include the course work described below. Since students entering this program must already hold a degree in Architecture or Environmental Design, some of the requirements described below may have been met in advance. For such students, the curriculum may be modified by course waivers or substitution of electives for courses previously taken at another university. The appropriate area coordinator and the Director of Graduate Studies must approve any General Petitions for substitutions or course waivers in the degree plan. Students with deficiencies may be required to undertake additional course work.

Students must obtain approval of their individual degree plan before the conclusion of the first semester of enrollment.



Semester 1 — Fall Core [CONTEXTUALIZATION]

Design Studio III (6603)                                    ​​6 Units
Urban Determinants (6376)                                3 Units
Environmental Technology III (6A48)                  1.5 Units
Construction Technology III (6A50)                     1.5 Units
Modern Architecture and Urbanism (6359)           3 Units

Fall Total:​​​​​                                                         15 Units


Semester 2 — Spring Core [SYNTHESIZATION]

Design Studio IV (6604)                                   6 Units
Environmental Technology IV (6A49)                 1.5 Units
Construction Technology IV (6A51)                    1.5 Units
Elective(Architecture)*                                     3 Units
Elective*                                                         3 Units

Spring Total:​​​​​                                                    15 Units


Semester 3 — Fall [INDIVIDUATION]

Design Studio V (7600)                                    ​​6 Units
Master Project Prep (6393)                               3 Units
Professional Practice (6360)                             3 Units
Elective(Architectural History)*                         3 Units

 Fall Total:​​​​​                                                       15 Units

Semester 4 — Spring [ASSERTION]

Design Studio VI - Master Project (6604)                       ​​6 Units
Elective (Architecture)*                                                3 Units
Elective            *                                                         3 Units
Elective            *                                                         3 Units

Spring Total:​​​​​                                                     15 Units

Total Degree Requirements:​​​                                60 Units

*Courses must be selected with a graduate academic advisor and with the approval of the director of Graduate Studies.


This degree is intended for students already possessing an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in architecture or environmental design.

Portfolios will be given the highest priority along with transcripts and letters of reference.