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Master of Architecture Level II

Students entering Level II must have earned a Bachelor's degree in Architecture or Environmental Design, and may have met some of the requirements in advance.

The Master of Architecture Level II degree is accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Please visit the Accreditation page to learn more.

Degree Plan

Course of Study: All Level II entrants must earn a minimum of 60 credit hours of approved study that include the course work described below. Since students entering the program at Level II already hold a degree in Architecture or Environmental Design, some of the requirements described below may have been met in advance. For such students, the curriculum may be modified by course waivers or substitution of electives for courses previously taken at another university. The appropriate area coordinator and the Director of Graduate Studies must approve any General Petitions for substitutions or course waivers in the degree plan. Students with deficiencies may be required to undertake additional course work.

Students must obtain approval of their individual degree plan before the conclusion of the first semester of enrollment.

A list of the approved graduate electives offered in the Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 is available: Seminar Electives. There are two pages to this full list, so please make sure you review both. Please note that the courses are subject to change. See your assigned academic advisor for details.

Level II


ARCH 6A48: Environ Tech 3

ARCH 6A51: Const Tech 3
ARCH 6359: Modern Architecture and Urbanism
ARCH 6376: Urban Determinants
ARCH 6603: Design Studio III


ARCH 6A49: Environ Tech 4

ARCH 6A51: Const Tech 4
ARCH ____: Elective/Independent Research*
ARCH ____: Architectural Seminar Elective I*
ARCH 6604: Design Studio IV

Level III


ARCH 6360: Practice of Architecture
ARCH 6393: Research/Master’s Project Preparation
ARCH ____: Architecture History Elective*
ARCH 7600: Design Studio V


ARCH ______: Elective/Independent Research*
ARCH ______: Elective/Independent Research*
ARCH ______: Architectural Seminar Elective II*
ARCH 7601: Design Studio VI

*Courses must be selected with a graduate academic advisor and with the approval of the director of Graduate Studies.