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Gerhard Marcks, Orpheus, 1971, bronze, University of Houston Percent for Art Collection.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder (also known as Social Phobia) is an Anxiety Disorder that is characterized by an intense fear of social situations, such as:

          • Speaking in public
          • Standing in line
          • Meeting new people
          • Attending meetings
          • Making small talk
          • Being observed

Individuals with social phobia may also experience severe anxiety and feel threatened when they have to face performance situations. Individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder tend to be very concerned about negative evaluations by others, embarrassment, and humiliation.

Moreover, people with Social Anxiety Disorder are sensitive to criticism and rejection, and they fear other may notice their anxiety, judge them, and think poorly of them. When in social situations, individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder can experience severe anxiety and, in some cases, will have panic attacks. It is estimated that more than 7% of the US population suffers from social anxiety disorder.


Social Anxiety Disorder can be treated effectively through Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or medications. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown to be particularly effective in treating Social Anxiety Disorder. If you believe that you have Social Anxiety Disorder or any other problem with anxiety, and you want help with these difficulties, please contact the Anxiety Disorder Clinic at 713-743-8609 to schedule an assessment.








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