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Richard McDermott Miller, Sandy in Defined Space, 1972, bronze, University of Houston Percent for Art Collection.


The Anxiety Disorder Clinic is continuously conducting research to better understand Anxiety Disorder and its treatment. Ultimately, our research will help improve the assessment, treatment, and prevention of Anxiety Disorder. Ultimately we hope to understand why some people develop Anxiety Disorders, and which treatments are most effective for different people.

We will never conduct research on you without your consent. All research is reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects at the University of Houston.

Current Research Projects

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Outcome Evaluation

Peter Norton, Principal Investigator

This research study is designed to evaluate the efficacy of group therapy for Anxiety Disorder, and investigate factors that might lead to better or worse outcome. We are currently recruiting clients at the Anxiety Disorder Clinic to complete questionnaires and other assessments before, during, and after treatment.

Combined Anxiety and Smoking Treatment Study

Peter Norton and Michael Zvolensky, Principal Investigators

This research is examining a new combined treatment for helping anxious smokers simultaneously overcome their anxiety disorder and quit smoking using cognitive-behavioral therapy and nicotene replacement therapy.

Courage and Anxiety

Peter Norton, Principal Investigator

This research is examining the concept of courage, in order to better measure a person's level of courageousness. Ultimately, this research is expected to lead to interventions designed to increase courageous behavior for people engaged in behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders.

Race and Anxiety

Peter Norton, Principal Investigator

Given the racial diversity of the University of Houston, we have an excellent opportunity to investigate the similarities and differences in how people of different races, cultures, and ethnicities experience anxiety. We are conducting several such studies using data from the Understanding Anxiety and Depression study.

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