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Richard McDermott Miller, Sandy in Defined Space, 1972, bronze, University of Houston Percent for Art Collection.

Contact Us

To contact the Anxiety Disorder Clinic, please contact us at (713) 743-8609 and ask to speak to a Clinic Assistant. Please specify that you are calling for the Anxiety Disorder Clinic.

Note: Due to confidentiality, we are unable to respond to e-mails about clinical issues

Seeking Clinical Services

If you are calling to request treatment at the Anxiety Disorder Clinic, several things will happen:

  1. Your contact information will be given to one of our therapists, who will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an assessment meeting
  1. The assessment meeting is designed to better understand you and how anxiety is a problem for you, and to make certain that our services would be helpful for you
    • The assessment in the Anxiety Disorder Clinic is free and is required before treatment services can begin
    • The assessment usually takes 2 hours, and the therapist will ask you many questions about your anxiety and other difficulties
    • You will also be asked to complete several questionnaires at home
  1. Approximately one week later, you will meet again with the assessment therapist to review the results of the assessment, return the completed questionnaires, and begin scheduling treatment if appropriate.







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