Reimbursement Guidelines

  1. Regarding submission of receipts:
    1. The representative must meet with the AFB Financial Officer to submit receipts – do not “drop them off.”
    2. For all items approved for funding by AFB, groups must submit canceled checks or bank imaging statements, and/or credit card statements showing that payment has been made.
    3. All receipts must be turned in at the same time, not in batches or on different days.
    4. The organization must submit original receipts (not invoices) within thirty (30) days of the program or conference. Failure to meet the deadline will result in the loss of funding (no reimbursement). In extenuating circumstances, a written request for a one–week extension may be granted by the AFB Chair or Financial Officer provided the request is made prior to the due date.
  2. In some cases, written requests to transfer approved funds among line items may be granted. The request may be made prior to the program/conference or upon turning in receipts, and it should be submitted to the AFB Financial Officer or Advisor. However, approval of such requests is not guaranteed.
  3. Forms that must be turned in:
    Vendor Setup Form, Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization FormW–9 form.
  4. Receipts for funded programs or conferences which occur between July 10 and July 31 must be submitted by August 10 in order to receive reimbursement.