Hearing Process

All allocation requests shall be heard and reviewed by the members on the Activities Funding Board before reaching a decision about funding for that program/conference. All requests MUST be turned in prior (before) a hearing is schedule. All hearings are scheduled at the time the Allocation Request Form is submitted.

A representative with written authorization (unless on the CSI memorandum) from the registered student organization must attend an AFB hearing to present the funding proposal.

A maximum of eight funding requests will be heard per meeting of the AFB.

During the hearing, the organization representative has 5–7 minutes to present their allocation request. The board will receive a copy of the request 24–48 hours before the hearing date and they will ask questions in regards to the program/conference request.

After the hearing, the organization will receive notification of the board’s decision. The organization will be given a specific deadline by which to come to the AFB office to sign the Notice of Award. The Notice of Award must be signed before the event takes place. Failure to do so may result in loss of funding.

Hearing Schedule