Your Event

If you were approved for your amount or a portion of your amount, you can continue with your event.

You must pay for all your activity expenses up front, AFB works on reimbursement. Throw your event as planned in your budget, and KEEP RECEIPTS for every transaction you planned to have reimbursed, they are required for proof in order for reimbursement.

Remember if you are using AFB money for advertising, all your advertisements MUST CONTAIN THE AFB LOGO on them.

For conference registration, your receipts can be forwarded emails of conference registration verification.

Gather all your appropriate receipts and contact the AFB chair to set up direct deposit with the University.

Have your receipts turned in less than 30 days after your event.

For conferences, in addition to the regular requirements, student organizations must submit an official agenda (of the entire event), a list of UH students attending the conference, appropriate airline ticket stubs, hotel and/or registration receipts (including a copy of the invoice).

Items to bring with conference receipt package:

  1. If you are being reimbursed for registration fees, bring in the confirmation receipt received by email. It should show the name of the student (listed on the Travel Roster form) as well as the dates of the conference to be attended.
  2. If being reimbursed for Hotel Accommodations, provide the hotel invoice that states the name of the hotel, the location of the hotel, the dates stayed at the hotel and the amount paid.

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