Your Allocation Request

The Allocation Request Form is the key document that the AFB committee will look at and determine whether you’re approved or denied. AFB is more likely to approve your allocation request if you abide to our Funding Guidelines and reinforce your benefit to the University.

The Allocation Request Form requires key information about the budget of your program or conference, such as the apportionment to different categories of funding and the grand total. Please keep in mind all items must be less than the Funding Limits.

Access the allocation request forms online through GetInvolved.


Please be logged in to AccessUH to access these applications.

Instructions: Once you click the button you will be prompted to login to accessuh, please make sure you are one of the top three officers listed on your memorandum, we can only do business with those individuals. Once you login and are on the main page, click "GET INVOLVED" to start the form. You may resume at any time by repeating these steps.

In addition to the allocation request, a one page summary of your organization must be included to the packet, as well as a summary of your event, where you should show how benefits are coming  back to campus and previous successes.

For Conference Requests Only, Please include a CSI Memorandum, Conference Agenda, and a Travel Roster.

Please turn in your allocation request form prior to your hearing and 4 weeks or more prior to your event.

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