Funding Limits

  • Organizations may request a maximum of $3000 per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) for programs and conferences.
  • There is a cap of $1000 for conference funding.*
  • AFB may approve up to$300 of on-campus advertising per funding request, with a yearly limit of $600.
  • AFB may approve up to $500 of program-related food and refreshments per funding request, with a yearly limit of $1,000.
  • AFB cannot fund programs and conferences which take place in the month of August.
  • Organizations are not automatically given $3000 a year, it is simply the amount that may be requested and allocated. Allocations are accepted only for events taking place during the current academic year.
  • *= This cap is included as part of the $3000 maximum allocation that may be approved.
    • Ex 1., If $1000 is used for a conference, only $1000 is left for programs for the year.
    • Ex 2., If $1200 is requested for a program, up to $500 may be requested for food/refreshments, and up to $200 may be requested for other costs.

AFB shall consider the overall benefit that particular items requested for funding contribute to the success of the program. AFB also encourages student groups to seek other funds and/or fund–raise on their own.