Funding Guidelines

“Activities” funding is not intended to provide general support of a registered student organization’s overall budget. It is limited to the support of specific events or activities of registered student organizations.

AFB shall consider cost, overall impact on the UH community, target audience, event preparation, the organization’s past programming success, scope of the event, timing, ability to carry out the program, and mission of the organization.

AFB shall abide by all SFAC, Student Life, and University Center policies regarding use of facilities and the distribution of student service fees as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Events that will NOT be funded:

  • Programs that are not open to all UH students.
  • Programs that are not held on the UH campus (excluding attendance at conferences).
  • Recruitment Drives.
  • Promotional sales of: a service (i.e. typing, accounting, and note taking) baked goods, T–shirts, cups, etc.
  • Off–campus Tournaments/Competitions.
  • Programs that support a candidate for public office, the outcome of legislation, or group(s) acting as a “front” for either. People participating in information exchange, presentations, or forums are not considered “fronts.”
  • Programs or conferences solely for individual academic advancement and development.
  • Fundraisers
  • Events that require a registration fee or ticket.

Items that will NOT be funded:

  • Off–campus advertising (including postage & envelopes).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Equipment or any items an organization wishes to keep after an event is held.
  • Charities, scholarships, philanthropic efforts, or any form of organizational/personal gain.
  • Awards or gifts (includes any tangible or monetary gift).
  • International travel.
  • Rental cars, vans, trucks, or buses.
  • Office supplies, stationary, office telephones, or telephone calls.

Any student organization not following any of these guidelines can and will be denied funds.