About the Activities Funding Board

The Activities Funding Board (AFB) at the University of Houston is a sub–committee of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). Under the provisions of SFACAFB is a student run financial organization that allocates a portion of student service fees to “activities” funding for registered student organizations.

AFB allocates funds only to registered student organizations (not individuals).

Funding is for:

  1. Programs on the UH main campus
  2. Attending conferences off–campus as related to student organizations mission.

Student organizations must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement in order to apply for and receive reimbursement funding.

To register your student organization please visit the Center for Student Involvement.

How does AFB work?

AFB works primarily on a reimbursement basis; funds are reimbursed only after the program or conference has taken place.

AFB allocates funds in two areas:

  1. Programs
  2. Conferences

The AFB allocation request form must be typed, submitted and processed before the conference/program takes place.

AFB may pay directly for the following on–campus charges: The Daily Cougar ads, UHPD(security) and University Center A/V charges and room rental.

AFB cannot fund programs and conferences which take place in the month of August. Receipts for funded programs or conferences which occur between July 10 and July 31 must be submitted by August 10 in order to receive reimbursement.