As a first step, we ask that you complete a Facility Space Inquiry Questionnaire online. The Facility Space Inquiry Questionnaire requests very general information about your proposed use of space and will aid us in answering the first question: Is the proposed use a “good fit” for the available space? If the answer to this question is “yes,” we will move on to the second step of the planning process – the completion of a full proposal.

MacGregor Property

The MacGregor Property is a 42 acre, vacant, heavily wooded tract of land located in the large block bounded by Wheeler Ave. (N), Highway Spur 5 (E), Old Spanish Trail (S) and Martin Luther King Blvd. (W). The northerly portion of MacGregor will be incorporated into Brays Bayou Park, which will be developed on the area between Wheeler Avenue and The MacGregor Tract.

The MacGregor property is to be preserved in its present state for future development; hence, use of the property must be for interim, temporary purposes and not represent a hazard or potential for damage to the site condition.

The property is served with all UH services including security by University Department of Public Safety.

UH Energy Research Park

Energy Research Park is a project of the University of Houston dedicated to the advancement of energy related education, research, technological innovation, commercialization and development of industrial applications in partnerships with private companies.

The 74 acre park, with 15 buildings and approximately 692,000 square feet of mixed use space - office, light manufacturing, warehouse - is composed of two recently acquired properties, the “4902 Gulf Freeway Annex” and “University Business Park”, the former Schlumberger Oil Field Technology Center. The property includes 27 acres of land, a portion of which will be developed with new facilities and a portion along the bayou that will be preserved. 

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