03 Fiscal Affairs
A. General
.01 Expenditure and Use of all Funds Administered by the University Of Houston System
.02 Entertainment Expenditures
.03 Business Travel
.04 University Credit Cards
.05 Contract Administration
.06 Establishment, Maintenance, and Discontinuance of Credit Card Services
.07 Petty Cash Funds
.09 Manual Checks
.10 Requests for Funds from UH Foundation
.12 Exception from State of Texas Taxes for University Expenditures
.13 Moving and Relocation Expenses
.16 Professional License Fees
.17 Disclosure of Related Party Interests
.19 Monthly Cell Phone Allowance
.21 Employee's Family Travel Expenses
.22 Reporting Financial Accounting Information to External Parties
.23 Court Ordered Restitution
.24 Extension of Credit by University of Houston System Component Universities
.25 Representation Allowance
.26 Employee Training Program
.28 Tax-Exempt Bond Post-Issuance Compliance
.29 Tuition, Fees and Charges
.30 Establishment of Bank Accounts
.31 Business Administration
B. Purchasing
.01 Purchasing Guidelines
.02 Contracting with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)
C. Planning and Budgeting
.01 The Planning and Budgeting Process
.02 Salary and Wage Adjustments
.03 Repair and Construction Funds
D. Payroll
.04 Check Distribution
.06 Taxable Fringe Benefits
E. Physical Property
.01 Physical Inventory of Goods for Resale, Manufacture, or Repair
.02 Property Management
.03 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Financial and Personal Property
.07 Fleet Management Plan
.08 Student Travel
F. Asset Management
.02 Endowment Management
.03 Distribution of Income from Selected Endowments
.04 Cash Handling
.05 Sale, Lease, Purchase or Conveyance of Real Property
.07 Foreign Bank Accounts
.08 Real Estate Transactions
.09 Payments of Benefit Costs from State-Appropriated Funds
G. General Accounting
.01 Year End Closeout Procedures for Deficit Balances
.02 Agency Funds (Interim)
.03 Financial System Verification of Cost Center Transactions
.05 Requirements for Utility Bill Audits
.06 Bank Account Reconciliation Procedures
H. Records Management
.01 Records Retention
.02 Open Records


















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