02 Human Resources
A. General
.04 Discipline and Dismissal of Regular Staff Employees
.05 Employee Relations, Grievance and Appeal
.06 Reduction in Force of Regular Staff Employees
.08 Consulting and Paid Professional Service
.09 Conflict of Interest
.11 Staff Performance Appraisals
.13 Recruitment, Job Posting, and Selection of Staff Employees
.14 Promotion and Transfer of Staff
.18 Probationary Period for Regular Staff Employees
.20 Hours of Work
.21 Nepotism
.24 Employees and Independent Contractors
.25 Termination Clearance Guidelines
.26 Employee Development and Training
.29 Ethical Conduct of Employees
.31 Access to and Maintenance of Personnel Files
.32 Labor Unions
.33 Employment of Foreign Nationals
.34 Types of Staff Employment
.35 Search Committees for Executive and Staff Positions
.36 New Staff Orientation and Processing
.37 Background Checks for Employees
.39 Political Aid and Legislative Influence
.40 Staff Attendance and Punctuality
B. Compensation
.01 Classification of Staff Jobs
.02 Overtime and Compensatory Time
.04 Salary Guidelines for Non-Faculty Personnel
.06 Authorized Categories of Non-Exempt Compensation
.07 Fair Labor Standards Act
.08 Hazardous Duty Pay
.10 Shift Differential
C. Fringe Benefits
.01 Employee Benefits Program
.02 Supplemental Retirement Programs
.05 Mandatory Retirement Programs
D. Leave Entitlements
.01 Vacation and Sick Leave
.02 Sick Leave Pool
.04 Leaves of Absence
.06 Family and Medical Leave
.07 Expert Witness Services
.08 Parental Leave
.09 Sick Leave Donation
E. Miscellaneous Benefits
.02 Perquisites
.03 Holidays
.05 Employee Assistance Program
.07 Staff Service Awards
.08 Employee Health Fitness and Education
.09 Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for Employees With Disabilities
F. Payroll
.03 Employee Time Reporting
.05 Payroll Deductions
.07 Direct Deposit of Salaries




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