01 General Administration
A. Administrative Guide
.01 Administrative Memoranda System
.03 Board of Regents Policy Development
B. Facilities and Physical Plant
.02 Selection of Architectural and Engineering Firms
.03 Temporary Buildings
.05 Signature Authority for Construction Contracts
.06 Facilities Reservation and Rental
.07 Facilities Acquisition, Construction, or Renovation
C. Risk Management
.01 Risk Management Policy
.02 Allocation of Insurance Premium and Claim Reimbursements
.03 Reporting Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
.04 Reporting/Investigating Fraudulent Acts
.05 Executive Travel
.07 Safety Administration
.08 Environmental Review for Acquisition of Real Property
.09 Tort Liability
.10 Return-to-Work Program On-the-Job Injuries
.11 Property Loss Claims
.12 Animals on the Component University Campuses
.13 Business Use of Vehicles
.14 Identity Theft
.15 Pedestrian Safety
.16 Asbestos-Containing Material
D. Legal Affairs
.01 Requests for Services from the Office of General Counsel
.02 Employment of Outside Legal Counsel
.03 Trademark Management
.04 Affirmative Action Policy
.05 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement
.06 Protection of Confidential Information
.07 Anti-Discrimination Policy
.08 Sexual Misconduct Policy
.09 Student Academic Adjustments/Auxiliary Aids Policy
.10 Consensual Relationship Policy
E. Technology Transfer and Innovation
.01 Office of Intellectual Property Management
F. Public Safety
.01 Public Safety Standards
G. Research
.01 Sponsored Research Activities
H. University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations
.01 Social Media Policy
I. Institutional Compliance and Ethics
.01 Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program

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