This is the new on-line edition of the System Administrative Memoranda. This policy and procedure system documents the administrative operating principles and related processes of those functions which are the responsibility of the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

The organization and numbering system are based upon this guideline, while intended to follow closely the organization of the predecessor to this volume, the Administrative Guide.

The topics are arranged according to use and do not necessarily follow organizational lines. The details of the structure and the development process are documented in SAM 01.A.01.

NOTE: The policy and procedure documents presented on this web site are official. As stated in policy, signed originals are kept on file in the Office of Policies and Procedures.

Questions about specific policies and procedures should be directed to the department and individual with authority in that area, or to your college or division administrator. Any administrative questions regarding Subject Matter Experts of policy or other administrative matters can be directed to the Office of Policies and Procedures.



01 General Administration
02 Human Resources
03 Fiscal Affairs
04 Audit Function
05 Student Affairs
06 Academic Affairs
07 Information Services
08 University Advancement
09 Governmental Relations




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