SAMs in Component Executive Review for the 3rd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2018

The following SAMs have been recommended by University of Houston System subject matter experts for Executive Review.  To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send comments/suggestions, if any, to by May 25, 2018 (Friday).

To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document. The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted.
SAM Number and Name Proposed Changes
SAM 01.A.01 - Administrative Memoranda System Added Note to Section 7.2 regarding the variability of review period for SAM documentation, from two years, three years, to five years. The document is sent to the SME for updates at least four (4) months before the review period ends for the document. Updated titles as applicable.

SAM 02.D.09 - Sick Leave Donation
(New SAM)
This document provides information about the University of Houston System’s (UHS) policy regarding direct donation of sick leave hours to a specific employee. In compliance with the requirements of Texas Government Code, Section 661.207, state employees may voluntarily donate any amount of accrued sick leave to another state employee with the same agency.

SAM 03.A.01 - Expenditures and
Use of all Funds Administered
by the University Of Houston
Corrected hyperlinks and titles as indicated. Changed title of document to "Expenditures and Use of all Funds Administered by the University of Houston System." Revised Section 2.3.c for "correct" invoice for goods and services. Changed title of Section 5 to "Restrictions on Expenditures and Transactions." Added Section 5.2.f on payment of debt service for construction, major repair or rehabilitation with direct costs of HEAF funds as eligible. Added Section 5.3 on all campuses developing internal guidelines for approvals for high dollar transactions. Added Section 5.4 on each component Division of Finance developing processes for annual review of transactions and request approvals from college/division/school.

SAM 03.A.02 - Entertainment Expenditures Changes titles and hyperlinks as applicable. Removed information about alcoholic beverages during normal business hours in Section 3.4.3. Changed reference in Section 3.10 to the General Appropriations Act, and added Fund 2091 as a federal indirect cost fund.

SAM 03.A.03 - Business Travel Corrected titles and hyperlinks as applicable. Removed voucher and replaced with travel document in Sections 2.2, 2.4.c, 2.5.c, 2.5.d, and 2.12. Removed information in Section 2.5.a on requests submitted after 60 days. Removed Section 2.5.c on reimbursement requests. Added clarification for coach class in Section 2.14.

SAM 03.A.04 - University Credit
Added new Revision Log. Removed information in Section 2.3.b about the employee issued the card being the only authorized signatory. Removed Section 2.3c on executive corporate credit cards. Removed all information in Section 2.4 except university credit cards must not be used to pay for personal expenses.

SAM 03.A.07 - Petty Cash
Updated titles and links as applicable. Changed the title from "Petty Cash Procedures" to "Petty Cash Funds." Revised Section 2.1 for the Chief Financial Officer to approve petty cash fund establishment. Added information to Section 2.2 regarding cash advanced to employees or students with documentation, and a valid receipt submitted within as soon as possible, no later than 7 days after the cash advance was issued. Removed requirement in Section 2.3 for reimbursements greater than $100 being processed through Accounts Payable. Changed "balancing" to "reconciling" in Section 2.9.g. Changed "non-balance of fund" to "out of balance funds" in Section 2.9.h. Simplified process in Section 2.14 on replenishing petty cash funds for each campus.

SAM 03.A.13 - Moving and
Relocation Expenses
Added information to Section 2.4.1 in terms of selecting a residence is taxable to the employee. Rewrote Section 2.4.2 indicating all other moving relocation expenses while in transit are taxable to the employee. Removed
Sections 2.4.3 and 2.4.4. Added taxable employee information to
Section 2.4.5. Removed Sections 2.6 and 2.7. All updated information reflects 2018 tax guidelines.

SAM 03.A.16 - Professional
License Fees
Updated titles as applicable. Removed state occupational taxes from
Section 1 and Section 2.1 based on changed in Texas Tax Code,
Section 191.141. Added Section 2.3 on payment being made directly by campus department if the licensing agency permits it. Removed Section 3, Exemption.

SAM 03.E.03 - Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed
Financial and Personal Property
Added titles and updated links as applicable. Updated Section 4.1 from one year to three years for unclaimed wages per Texas Property Code,
Section 72.101. Made minor updates to Section 5.3.

SAM 03.F.08 - Real Estate Transactions Changed title from "Requests for Services from the Office of Real Estate Services" to "Real Estate Transactions." Updated documentation to reflect current operating practices. Combined Sections 4 and 5 into one area (Section 5) for process overview and procedures. Revised Section 4 to address real estate transactions within UHS. Changed responsible party from Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration to Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance.

SAM 03.G.05 - Requirements for Utility Bill Audits Updated links and titles as applicable. Removed Sections 2.5 and 2.6, since no statutory requirements exist. Removed Section 5, Indexing Terms.

SAM 05.C.01 - Campus Programs
For Minors
Updated Section 3.5 to add training requirement for individuals. In
Section 4.2.1.a, revised requirement for third party submitting the form by no later than 15 days before the program. Revised Section 5.3.3 for UH-Victoria reporting threat to a minor through the UH Police department or the Victoria Police Department. Updated links as applicable.

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