SAMs in Component Executive Review for the 2nd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2018

The following SAMs have been recommended by University of Houston System subject matter experts for Executive Review.  To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send comments/suggestions, if any, to by March 9, 2018 (Friday).

To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document. The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted.
SAM Number and Name Proposed Changes
SAM 01.D.10 - Consensual Relationship Policy
(New SAM)
This policy addresses dating, intimate, romantic, and/or sexual interactions that, although consensual, may create actual or perceived conflicts of interests, or create the possibility for exploitation or favoritism. Accordingly, this policy prohibits inappropriate consensual relationships as defined in the documentation.

SAM 02.F.06 - Taxable Fringe Benefits Changed SAM number from 03.D.06 to 02.F.06, and Section from Fiscal Affairs to Human Resources. Updated links and titles as applicable. Spelled out FIT and FICA in Section 2.3. Revised "Accounts Payable" to "applicable department" in Section 3.1. Changed gift certificates to gift cards in Section 3.3.b. Revised Section 3.3.i to include Concur travel information and the UH Tax web site. Changed 180 days to 120 days after the trip ends to account for travel advance in Section 3.3.m. Removed Social Security Number field from Exhibit B. Changed PS Account Numbers and Payroll Earning Codes in Exhibit B as applicable. Also changed phone number for System Tax Department in Exhibit B. Added redlines to Exhibit C, including five (5) descriptions of payment, and changes to PS Account, Payroll Earnings Code, and Taxable Benefit to Individual as applicable.
SAM 02.F.06 was originally in the Quarter 1, FY 2016 review cycle. Additional changes were made to this document regarding Concur information after the review cycle was completed.

SAM 03.A.31 - Business Administration
(New SAM)

This document assigns the responsibility for establishing business policies and processes for the University of Houston System and describes the reporting relationship for business administrators.

SAM 03.C.01 - The Planning and Budgeting Process Corrected links and titles in documentation as applicable. Removed "component" and "campus" throughout documentation, with emphasis on the System universities. Added information to Section 4.3 regarding the System Treasurer preparing an annual budget and submittal to the System Budget Office. Added SAM 03.C.02 as a reference for salary information in Section 8.1.
SAM 03.C.01 is part of a full review cycle per guidelines in SAM 01.A.01, Section 7.2.

SAM 03.C.02 - Salary and Wage Adjustments Changed SAM Template and added Revision Log. Removed "component" throughout documentation. Updated titles as indicated. No additional changes were indicated by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
SAM 03.C.02 is part of a full review cycle per guidelines in SAM 01.A.01, Section 7.2.

SAM 03.G.06 - Bank Account Reconciliation Procedures Edited titles as indicates. Revised Section 2.3 for reconciliation reports to be completed and reviewed after receipt of bank statements or the final accounting close of the fiscal month. Changed Section 2.4.3 for submittal of bank adjustments to the System Office of the Treasurer to occur within 20 working days of reconciliation completion. Twenty (20) working days was also revised for journal entries.

SAM 05.C.02 - Drug-Free University and Workplace Policy (New SAM) This policy establishes guidelines for the University of Houston System and component universities in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, and the Drug-Free School and Communities Act of 1989. The guidelines include criteria for each institution's Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs and Policies, dissemination of the policy, and biennial review of the policy.

SAM 06.A.09 - Academic Personnel Policies Updated SAM Template per current operational requirements. Revised titles and links as applicable. Added groups of faculty appointments in Section 2.1. Added Section 2.2 on faculty qualifications and SACS COC Faculty Credentials Guidelines. Added Section 2.3.c on non-appointment of non-tenure track faculty. Updated Section 2.3.d on the process of dismissal for both tenure-track faculty and non-tenure track faculty, including terminations being supported by written justification on specific guidelines. Updated Section 2.4 on promotion process for non-tenure track faculty. Added clarification to Section 2.6 on non-tenure track positions. Revised Section 2.7 on probationary periods for non-tenure track faculty, assistant professor rank not to exceed seven years, and associate professor and professors not to exceed four years. Added leave of absence information for promotion-eligible non-tenure track faculty located in applicable policy and procedures in Section 2.8. Removed original content in Section 3.6, and added time in rank requirement information for non-tenure track faculty eligible for promotion in rank. Revised information in Section 4.2 regarding the content of an institution’s tenure and promotion guidelines, including evaluation, peer reviews, and promotion/tenure grievance mechanisms. Updated Section 4.3 on criteria being approved by the Chancellor, and promotion and award for continuing employment agreement for eligible non-tenure track faculty are subject to approval of the Office of the Provost. Changed review period from even numbered years before March 1st to every three years on or before March 1st. Added Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost to approval cycle in Section 6.

SAM 08.A.02 - Private Support Organizations and Foundations Added new Revision Log. Added links and fixed titles as applicable. Reorganized and updated organizations and foundations in Section 2. Updated Section 4.1 for completing all reporting requirements to University Advancement annually before January 31st. Removed requirement for additional changes to list of board members and officers in Section 4.1.2. Changed reporting of donor gift information from the System Office of Development to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement in Section 4.2. Removed Administration and Finance as official repository for documents, disseminated audited financial reports and other financial information; this information will be housed by the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. Changed the responsible party for SAM 08.A.02 to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.

SAM 08.A.03 - Gift Acceptance Changed title from "Gift Acceptance – Gifts from Individual Donors" to "Gift Acceptance." This revision combines information from Revision 5 of SAM 08.A.03 and SAM 08.A.06; SAM 08.A.06 will be rescinded after approval of SAM 08.A.03. Redefined Section 2.2.b on Gift-in-Kind and reworked all examples of Gift-in-Kind. Added Section 2.3 on quid pro quos. Revised irrevocable split-interest gifts in Section 2.4. Redefined revocable deferred gifts in Section 2.5. Added Section 3.1 on Office of Finance's responsibility for valuing gifts for accounting purposes through IRS and GASB rules and guidelines. Added Section 3.2 on the UHS Office of University Advancement handling donor recognition responsibilities. Added Section 3.9 on Office of Real Estate being consulted on gifts of real estate. Added Sections 3.13 to 3.19 on processes and policies for gifts-in-kind submissions handling. Added Section 4.2.e regarding the beneficiary gift process. Updated Section 5.1 on the Gift Acceptance Committee's responsibility for non-marketable gifts at $5,000 or above. Added Sections 5.3 through 5.6 on Gift Acceptance Committee processes. Added Intellectual Property, Donated Services, Research Services, and Shares of Limited Partnerships/Entities to chart after Section 5.7. Updated Section 6 for standards governing acceptance of non-cash gifts, which are gifts-in-kind. Added Section 7 on standards governing reporting the value of non-cash gifts. Revised Section 9.1 on cost of appraisals for a donor's charitable gift donation for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Updated titles and links as indicated.

SAM 08.A.05 - Gifts by System Employees Through Payroll Deductions Removed "Component" from document's contents. Changed "Donor and Alumni Relations" to "Gift Processing and Records" throughout procedure. Added disbursement information for gifts to another State of Texas public university in Section 2.3.d. Changed titles and links as indicated. Changed review period to every three years on or before March 1st.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official System Administrative Memoranda, go to

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