SAMs For Interim Approval for the 3rd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2019

The following SAMs have been submitted for Interim approval for Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2019.  To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted for Interim approval.

SAM Number and Name Proposed Changes
SAM 01.C.12 - Animals on University Campuses (Interim) Updates to this procedure incorporate legal changes as reflected in the new SAMs on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, and clarifies in Section 2.1.D that the University may authorize animals on campus on a temporary basis for an event. Changed titles (including title of policy) and review period from every three years to every five years on or before September 1.

SAM 03.G.02 - Agency Funds (Interim) Changed the identity of the department sponsor in Section 4.a from dean or associate vice president's level to full-time faculty or staff documented as cost center manager in the Finance system. Added Section 4.b to document allowable purposes for creating organization cost centers; these purposes do not include potential employment-type activities. Added Section 4.c on guidelines for employment activities paid from the agency funds; agency funds cannot be used for employee relationships, which need to be processed through Human Resources and paid from University funds via the payroll process. Added SAM 02.A.24 to Section 4.c to identify employee relationships and to new Section 7, References.
These revisions were made due to an IRS audit.
Changed the review cycle from every three years to every five years on or before March 1. Updated links as applicable.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are Interim policies and are only official for a finite period of time.  The changes have been submitted to University Policies and Procedures and are currently in the Interim approval process.  To view official System Administrative Memoranda, go to

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