Fiscal Year 2017 - 3rd Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by May 19, 2017 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 02.04.10 - Flexible Workplace Initiative In review to remove Interim designation. Changed text to "next level leader" in Section II. Removed requirement for employee's residence being a place for flexible workplace from Section II. Added Section III, Definitions. Revised
Section IV.D to have ePerformance rating of meets or exceeds expectations as part of employee eligibility. Added information about Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and non-exempt employees to Section IV. Removed Section VI.B, and added new Section VI.C for process if request for flexible workplace is denied. Added Section VII, Procedure. Updated titles and links as applicable.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
The Office of General Counsel and Equal Opportunity Services recommends for Section VI.C (Supervisor's Responsibilities) be removed: "If the request is denied, an explanation indicating the business reasons for denial must be provided in writing to the employee and the department."
Response: Change incorporated.
Campus/Executive Review change: Added links to the Flexible Workplace Biweekly and Monthly forms in Section X.

MAPP 02.04.11 - Workplace Lactation/ Breastfeeding Updated EOS address in Section II.C. Added Mother's Room and Lactation Information web site to Sections IV.A and IX. Updated Women and Gender Resource Center information in
Section VI. Updated links as applicable.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
How do we get a lactation room requirement added to all contracts for new buildings?
Response: The inclusion of lactation rooms into new buildings sounds like a reasonable request. Facilities and Construction Management will make the adjustment into new building design guidelines to include the lactation room requirement.

MAPP 03.02.02 - Campus Mail Services Changed title from "Non-Permit Mailing" to "Campus Mail Services," and MAPP number from 03.02.03 to 03.02.02.
MAPP 03.02.03 will be rescinded upon approval of this current document. Revised all text to reflect current campus mail services processes provided by Printing and Postal Services. Changed the responsible party from Associate Vice President for Finance to Assistant Vice President for University Services. Removed Addendum A.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
What happens when staff/faculty have a personal alcohol shipment delivery?
Response: Additional information on process located in Section III.B.5.a., including information on items needed for class, official university function or business purposes in Section III.B.5.b.

MAPP 04.05.02 - Cougar Cards

Applied revised MAPP template to meet current documentation standards. Added links to various sections as applicable. Added Person of Interest (POI) to process. Added Section IV, Cougar Card Online Photo Provision. Added Section V, Replacement Cougar Card. Added Section VI.A regarding the process for obtaining replacement temporary cards outside of Cougar Card Office business hours. Changed Department of Public Safety to UH Police Department in Section VI.C. Added information to Section VII.D.3 on refunds for closed accounts (flex accounts only). Added documentation to Section VIII on electronic receipt and accessing account history. Added Section XII, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:

MAPP 05.01.02 - Operational Cash Advances

Updated Section IV.B.2 with additional information to require the department requesting an operational cash advance to complete both Sections III and IV of the Cash Handling Addendum A, located on the Finance References web page.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:

MAPP 05.04.05 - Reporting Indebtedness to the State Comptroller

Made updates to links and titles throughout text. Added three types of indebtedness to Addendum A.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:


MAPP 09.04.03 - Paint Palette for Interior Use
(New MAPP)
The purpose of this document is to define the color palette available to be used as the standard on all new and existing building interiors at University of Houston.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: In Section VI.B, it says neither faculty, staff, nor students are allowed to paint their own space. Does that intend to exclude Building and Facility Managers from painting a wall, either completely or touchup? The question becomes; a faculty or staff cannot paint their own space "personally," but can they have someone in their department or college, other than a M.I.C. or Facilities, paint the wall/space, using the appropriate paint palette and techniques?
Response: It is intended to get all painting on campus performed by Facilities, MIC, FPC, or their approved contractors.

MAPP 12.03.03 - Procedures for Establishing and
Operating Academic Institutes and Centers

Changed header area to be Academic Programs. Added paragraph to Section I on research organizations not included in the policy. Extensively revised Section II, adding Section II.E on termination, and Section II.F on sunset review. Also extensively revised Section III.A on proposal needed to establish a new center or Institute. Updated Section IV.B with additional information on bylaws or written operating procedures. Added program reporting to Section IV.D. Added information to Section IV.F for approval no later than 90 days after the notice. Added information to Section IV.G on annual report of activities for the fiscal year. Added Section IV.H on proposed operating budget and goals developed every five years. Changed titles for Section VI to Sunset Review and Termination. Added procedures for list of items and questions to be conducted every five years. Added Section VI.C.10 for termination due to space utilization and inability to relocate. Added
Section VI.C.11 for non-voluntary termination instructions. Updated process for formal requests to terminate in
Section VI.D, with the Provost's decision as final. Updated Section IX, References, adding MAPP 02.04.06

Campus/Executive Review Comment: The new non-tenure-track faculty policy will redefine Bauer's clinical faculty members to be lecturing faculty. These are full-time faculty members. They are best described as professors of practice, which places them in the lecturing category of the new non-tenure-track policy. These faculty are critical to the missions of our centers of excellence.
The MAPP on Centers and Institutes does not include lecturing faculty among the definitions of faculty who are eligible to be associated with centers
(Section III.A.3).
To remedy this omission, we request that the word lecturing be inserted as follows in Section III.A.3: "Faculty membership can include tenure-track, clinical, instructional, lecturing and research faculty."
Response: Change incorporated.
Campus/Executive Review Comment : University Advancement (UA) management would like to add the following information as a new
Section III.C: "All naming opportunities associated with an academic institute and center must follow appropriate policy and procedure for establishing naming rights according to the System Administrative Memorandum (SAM) 08.A.04 - Naming Opportunities."
Response: Change incorporated.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to the University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures documentation go to

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