Fiscal Year 2017 - 1st Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by November 7, 2016 (Monday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 02.01.01 - Pay Guidelines for Staff Employees Removed Section V.D.1.i regarding hiring college or division having full authority to set promotional increases.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Questions from Staff Council:
Question: Should V.D.1.h (see j) - should it actually be ("see i")?"
Response: Change incorporated.
Question: In Section V.D.4 on Retention Bonus - Could you change the phrase from "a cash bonus" to "a monetary bonus," since the bonus is being distributed through a paycheck, which is electronic distribution?
Response: Section V.D.4 has been removed.
Question: In Section V.D.5 on Reclassification, Could you change the language from "evaluated or reclassified" to "evaluated and then reclassified?"
Response: Change incorporated.

MAPP 02.02.01 - Family and Medical Leave Added FML leave commencement to definition of child in Section III.A. Revised definition for Intermittent leave or reduced leave schedule in Section III.I. Included worker's compensation benefits for accrued paid leave in Section IV.C. Updated Section V.C with eligibility notice and rights and responsibility notice as part of FMLA application on HR web site. Revised Section VI.F to place employee on paid or unpaid leave in University's HR/Payroll system by removing ePAR process; this update also took place in Section VII.A.1.a upon approval of FML. Removed ePAR process for active employee status in Section VIII.B.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:

MAPP 02.04.05 - Termination Clearance Added eTermination Checklist to
Section II.D, and replaced "Termination Checklist" with "eTermination Checklist" procedure online in PeopleSoft throughout text. Updated bullet in Section III for employees to return keys to Key Access Control office. Revised Supervisor responsibilities in Section IV to reflect current operating practices. Added College/Division Administrators to
Section V, and updated process to current operating requirements. Added eTermination Checklist Instructions web site to Section VIII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Request for Redlines: Please add under Section V, College/Division or Department Business Administrator Responsibilities: "For Research closeout, identify whether the terminating employee has any of the following: 1) An active sponsored project; 2) An active human subjects protocol; 3) An active animal protocol; or 4) any undisclosed intellectual property."
Response: Requested changes incorporated. The information has been added to the end of Section V.

MAPP 02.04.10 - Flexible Workplace Initiative

This MAPP is being submitted for review and approval to remove interim designation. No additional changes were submitted by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Note: Staff Council Redlines For suggested changes to MAPP 02.04.10.

Note: Staff Council Research from other colleges/universities to change
MAPP 02.04.10.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Note: Staff Council has submitted redlines to MAPP 02.04.10 and research on Flexible Workplace Initiative from Texas A&M, University of Texas (UT),
UT - Arlington, and University of North Texas, along with examples of Flexible Work Request Forms for consideration by HR to rewrite MAPP 02.04.10.
MAPP 09.05.01 - Building Coordinator Program
(New MAPP)
The purpose of this document is to outline the purpose and scope of the Building Coordinator Program, the program's benefit to the University community, and the role and expectations of the staff members who serve as Building Coordinators for their facilities.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Question: In Section V, Selection Criteria under A: It requires the employee to have 6 months of experience. This criteria does not work for residential buildings. We will often have entry level staff come in and need to assume the building coordinator role. I believe this requirement is too restrictive and not practical, especially with the expectation documented in Section B. that their primary work location be in the building.
Response: Added the word "preferably" in Section V.A., so that building coordinators in residential halls or other areas may be under six (6) months of experience.
Comment: Please add "and the needs of the University" to Section IV.C.
Response: Change incorporated.
Comment: Please add ",and other meetings that may be scheduled as needed" to Section VI.G.
Response: Change incorporated.
Comment: In Section VI.J, please add "and compliance with existing laws and University policy."
Response: Added to Section VI.O.
Comment: Please add Section VI.O, "Perform other duties as determined necessary to ensure a safe and effective physical environment."
Response:Added "Perform othre duties as determined necessary to maintain a safe and effective physical environment in compliance with University policy."

MAPP 11.03.03 - Non-Resident Tuition Employment Waivers Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Changed section from 05.03.02 to 11.03.03 to reflect "Tuition and Fees" subject for MAPP. Rewrote entire procedure to reflect current operating requirements and Texas Legislature changes.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 12.03.03 - Procedures for Establishing and Operating Academic Institutes and Centers Revised Section I with information from Section II.A, and removed information about centers and institutes. Revised definition for Center or Institute in
Section II.A. For Section II.B note, Committee now has eight faculty members. Added new proposal guidelines for Section III.A. Removed Section IV.E. Updated Section IV.G with due date for annual reports to be submitted on
January 15th for each Fiscal Year. Revised Section VI.B review period for center/institute to every fourth year of a five-year term. Revised information for termination in Section VI.C.3. Added Section VI.C.10 on termination due to space utilization, and Section VI.C.11 on initiation of non-voluntary terminations. Updated Section VI.D with process for formal requests to terminate. Updated titles in Section VIII. Added
MAPP 08.02.01 and SAM 06.A.07 to Section IX.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Questions from Staff Council:
Question: In Section II.B, Could the note just read "the committee will consist of faculty members," thus eliminating the need to change the number? Additionally, Section II.B should be a part of
Section II.A, as the text in Section II.B is not a definition by itself.
Response: This information is separate to make sure the committee is composed of a specific number of faculty members with representation across the colleges.
Question: There is a question about the closures of ACIs in Section VI. Does language need to be included about the closure of the center/institute and how that closure may impact and affect staff currently employed in the center/institute? For example, is there a minimum number of days for notification provided to paid staff working at the center/institute concerning the closure of the center/institute?
Response: Information regarding
MAPP 02.04.06, Reduction in Force, has been added to Section VI..11 and
Section IX.
Input from University Advancement: We would like to include the following statement as a note under Section III.A.9, Creation of Center or Institute: "The role of Division of University Advancement and Division of Research should be understood in any funding projections."
Response: Note will be changed to read "The role of Division of University Advancement and Division of research should be documented in any funding projections."

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