Fiscal Year 2016 - 1st Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by November 16, 2015 (Monday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 01.03.01 - Baseline Standards Changed Section II reporting from Manager of General Accounting to Accounting Services department. Changed Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance to Vice President throughout text. Added CBA or division business administrator will make recommendations regarding administrative issues and/or interpretation of university policies to the appropriate dean or vice president in Section IV.B. Added sending baseline standards to Accounting Services for posting to the Survival Guide web site in Section V.C. Added Accounting Services to the process of forwarding amended baseline standards in Section V.D.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Most Centralized areas are now hybrids. Some financial payments are completed in the departments. Should we include this information?
Response: Changes incorporated in
Section IV.A.
Question: In Section IV.B, is the documentation indicating that the DBA's job description includes interpretation of university policy, and that interpretation may be correct or incorrect?
Response: It is each employee's responsibility to read and try to understand the university policies that apply to them. While the policies are written as clearly as possible and training is often provided to help employees interpret the policies, some policies may be interpreted differently by different people. One of the college/division administrator's responsibilities is to ensure that the procedures of the college/division are in compliance with university policies. To do this, they must read, interpret, and communicate university policies to employees in their college/division when needed. They also advise their dean or vice president about university policies to help the dean or VP make decisions that are in compliance with university policy. The college/division administrator may also question the meaning of a policy or suggest a change to a policy, which is generally addressed to the Senior VP for A&F, or designee, because A&F is responsible for coordinating the writing and updating of policies.

MAPP 02.01.01 - Pay Guidelines for Staff Employees
Submitted for complete review cycle to remove "Interim" designation. Added GENDA statement to Section II. Changed responsible party to Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Question: Are there tangible guidelines, referencing Section V.B, "Institutional Decision," that are provided to the employee regarding merit increases? Shouldn't it be based upon established performance ratings, department's corresponding merit ranges, and specific merit allocation?
Response: Performance should be taken into consideration. Human Resources does provide a minimal and maximal rage and each department has a set budget.
Question: Shouldn't there be specific merit percentages based on performance rating, like a 3.5 performance rating receives 3% merit, while a 3.7 performance rating receives 3.5% merit?
Response: There are many ways to administer increase guidelines, where employee's position in the paygrade range may even be taken into consideration. At this time, each division has the flexibility to best manage increase percentages to meet their goals.
Question: In terms of "institutional" decisions, shouldn't the Board of Regents also be referenced as a decision source?
Response: The Board of Regents does approve merit, as documented in Section VI.A.

MAPP 02.01.03 - Overtime/
Compensatory Time
Submitted to remove "Interim" designation. Added supervision responsibility for monitoring non-exempt employee work hours for authorized overtime and extra hours in Section IV.B. Removed Section IV.E. Removed information on Compensation department being contacted for calculations of overtime pay in Section IV.E (formerly Section IV.F). Added links as applicable. Revised Section VIII to be Reporting Overtime and Compensatory Time. Revised Sections VIII.A, VIII.B, and VIII.C to emphasize electronic time sheet and P.A.S.S. Added Section VIII.D on requesting compensatory leave by submitting electronic absence request. Added Section VIII.G on non-exempt employees with multiple assignments. Removed Section IX. Changed responsible party to be Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. Changed title for MAPP 02.05.02 in Section XI; removed MAPP 02.01.06. Removed Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Regarding Section III.C, how will Payroll/HR/Managers/Supervisors address overtime for exempt employees making under $50K once this passes into law? This also refers to Section II.C, "maintaining personnel costs within budgets."
Response: Exempt employees should not be currently receiving overtime. However, there is a new proposal to raise salary requirements for exempt employees. If this proposal gets approved, all exempt employees making below the new required amount will need a pay adjustment to continue their exempt status.
MAPP 02.02.05 - Moving and Relocation Expenses
[ON HOLD due to Additional Input needed by the Office of Finance]
Applied revised MAPP template and added Revision Log. Revised Section II.B to include personal property that the taxpayer owns and uses. Included note in Section III.I.1 on Account Code 56122. Revised Section III.I.4 regarding temporary housing. Added Account Codes to Section III.I.2.a through Section III.i.5. Expanded definitions of disallowable expenses to fifteen (15) different categories in Section III.J. Removed Section V.C. Revised Section VI.A and B, and includes references to MAPP 04.01.03 and SAM 02.F.06. Provided minor edits for Section VII, Subcodes. Changed title in Section IX to Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. Added Section X, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: In Section II.B, Personal Effects, shouldn't the middle of the sentence read "that the taxpayer owns" instead of "that the taxpayer owes"?
Response: Redline incorporated.
MAPP 02.03.06 - Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Added new Revision Log. Removed other remuneration for payment from Section III.B. Revised Section III.D to include foreign national employees needing a new I-9 only if their status has changed or extended since their previous I-9 on file. Added information about E-Verify process to variouos parts of the documentation.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Question: Would this policy be the one that should include information about the Remote I-9 Process?
Response: The Remote I-9 is a paper process, and is not a part of this MAPP.
Question: Under the General Responsibilities Section H, does Human Resources (HR) track when an employee's work authorization has or will expire and would HR communicate this fact to the employee? Or is this tracking of the work authorization expiration and contacting the employee the responsibility of the hiring department?
Response: It is the responsibility of the foreign national to stay in status and to track it. Human Resources send information to the departments as a courtesy, but it is not a formal written policy.
Question: There is no mention in this policy how work authorization expirations are tracked, and by whom. Could that question be answered?
Response: It is the responsibility of the foreign national to stay in status and to track it. Human Resources send information to the departments as a courtesy, but it is not a formal written policy.

MAPP 02.03.07 - Sponsorship for Permanent Residence
(New MAPP)
[ON HOLD Due to Questions from user community and UCC needing response.]
This new MAPP provides guidelines for review and approval of University of Houston sponsorship of foreign nationals for permanent residence.

Campus/Executive Review Comment
Question: In Section IV.A.1, Clinical and Research Faculty are included, but not Instructional Assistant Professors. It seems to the user that we should include everybody who is in a promotion-pathway position according to the new NTT Policy.
Question: For the NTT positions, Clinical and Research are listed as eligible, but Instructional Assistants, Instructional Associates, and Instructional Professor positions are not listed as either eligible or ineligible. Which are they?

MAPP 02.04.10 - Flexible Workplace Initiative
["ON HOLD" Due to UCC Non-Vetted Process]
This MAPP is being submitted for review and approval to remove "Interim" designation. No additional changes were submitted by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Campus/Executive Review Comment: This MAPP is currently "ON HOLD" due to non-vetted process by the UCC.
Question: Can we address in this policy that anything can be approved at the College Level if the request is for a day or two, or even as many as two weeks?

MAPP 03.03.01 - Property Management Overview Revised Section II with a Texas Government Code link, and requirements for Chief Executive Officer to designate a property manager to maintain required records. Added information to Section III.A definition for capital assets with a minimum threshold of $5,000 for personal property. Modified phrasing in Section III.B on controlled assets, with revised examples of specific assets. Added hyperlinks to Section IV.C, Section IV.D, and Section VII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 03.04.01 - Development Solicitation
(New MAPP)
[ON HOLD Due to UCC questions needing response; will be resubmitted with new redlines for review at a later date]
This new MAPP outlines procedures to be used for solicitation of any private funds for the University of Houston.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
There is currently no mention of the relationship to Research and the possible handling of research-related funds and TRIP macthing in this document. Could this information be incorporated into this policy?
Current Status:This document is currently "On Hold," until the College Deans and University Advancement can rework the procedure in terms of donors.

MAPP 04.01.01 - Purchase of Goods, Materials, and Supplies through the Purchasing Department Resubmitted to remove "Interim" designation. Changed title to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 04.01.10 - Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling Removed "that become overdue" in Section II. Revised Section III.B to Payment Cycle, included ACH payments, and updated cycle to Monday through Friday. Added ACH to Section III.D. Updated Section III.F to include information on late charge and not applicable options. Revised Section III.O to remove late payment charge information. Updated Section IX.G for "Not Applicable" and "Compute Charges." Changed Section XI to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 04.04.01A - Contracting - General Resubmitted to remove "Interim 2" designation. Interim 2 release due to Texas Legislature changes to contracting by state entities. Abbreviated Office of Contract Administration to OCA, and Office of General Counsel to OGC throughout text. Added rule of revised contract amount not exceeding 25% of total amount does not need to go to Board of Regents in Section II.D; however, if revised contract amount exceeds $1,000,000, then Board of Regents must approve the amendment, change, extension or renewal. Added Office of Real Estate Services (ORES) to Section III.A as originating unit for real estate contracts. Included Section III.B.5 to report all contracts exceeding $0.00 to an applicable web site after September 1, 2015. Removed "Intellectual Property" from Division of Research throughout text. Added process of forwarding an electronic copy of the contract to OCA after contract execution in Section III.I. Indicated exclusion for utility easements to Section III.K.2. Added threshold of $1,000,000 for real estate leases to Section III.K.3. Added Section III.K.4 on oil and gas leases with a bonus exceeding $100,000, and added Section III.K.7 on Board of Regents review for contracts over $1,000,000 or increases the value of contract by 25%. Revised Section IV.B, removing state and local funds, and added Office of Real Estate Services to process of creating contracts for leased space, adding a parameter of six (6) months to begin work on the contract. Updated Section IV.C.3 to post contract information on the Texas Register, without other requirements by the LBB. Added Office of Tax Department to Section IV.D on revenue generating contracts. Removed original Section IV.G. Updated requirement to report to Administration and Finance yearly for leased space contracts in Section IV.G. Updated Section IV.H reference Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) instead of Texas Electronic Marketplace. Changed contact for vendor identification to the Accounts Payable Department in Section IV.I. Added e-mail address, phone number, and account code to necessary requirements for contracts to Section V.A. Changed parameter for review by OGC to contracts with value exceeding $25,000 to Section V.C.1. Added underwriting at Houston Public Media that is under $25,000 to recurring revenue-generating services in Section V.C.4. Changed requirement for contact completion to electronic submission in Section V.G. Added Late Justifications and Insurance Provisions to Section V.I and Section V.J. Updated Invitation to Bid, Request For Proposal, Request for Offers, Request for Qualifications, Informal Bids, and Sole Source in Section V.K.3; the OCA reviews all ITBs, RFPs, RFOs, and RFQs for compliance. Updated Section VI.A and Section VI.C for PO Vouchers and contractor expenses. Added Associate Vice President for Finance to responsible parties. Added Addendum A for Delegated Signature Authority, Addendum B for Contract Coversheet, and Addendum C for Recommendation for Award as links; removed original Addendum A through Addendum E.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.01.02 - Operational Cash Advances Removed university check and added information about delivery of cash advances in Section III.C. Revised Section IV.B regarding current process for SC Vouchers; added web site for Operational Cash Advance Application and included all information needed for an SC Voucher. Added Sections IV.C and IV.D on Student Business Services’ involvement in the approved SC Voucher process. Removed information in Section IV.B regarding previous process for vouchers. Added Sections V.B.1 and V.B.2 on additional responsibilities for the fund custodian. Changed Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance. Added Operational Cash Advance Application to Section VIII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.02.01 - Expenditures and Expenditure Authority Revised Section IV.C.3 to be non-standard sponsored project contractual agreements. Updated Section IV.C.5 to indicate that overload requests on sponsored funds must be approved by Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG). Revised title for Vice President for Administration and Finance in Sections II and X.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
1) Remove Section IV.D. We believe that the Division of Research (DOR) is the only unit that uses this piece. If the policy decision-makers would prefer not to do this, then suggest to remove the verbiage "e.g., faculty start-up funds." DOR used to approve items on HEAF only, and then when it broadened to other categories of funding, they did not expand on the approval, but they kept HEAF. On 09/01/2014, this practice was discontinued, which is noted in the August 2015 CDA Meeting Minutes. DOR did not realize at the time that it was a codified policy.
Response: Removed original
Section IV.D. Changes incorporated.

2)Overall, the practice and policy differ (and the practice is more appropriate) as it pertains to department approvers:
a) In Section IV.G, it says "requests approved in workflow are assumed to be properly authorized, since only authorized employees are given Department Approver status," but it does not happen this way in practice. Certifying authority is granted by department or college/division ID. However, we can expend against ANY department ID as a department approver. So in practice, if we use another department's cost center we will obtain approval from their authorized certifier (a list is on the Finance web site) and attach it.
Response: Changes incorporated in
Section IV.G.
b)In Section V.C, it does not take into account the fact that one department can request an expense, but another department can pay it or a portion of it.
Response: Changes incorporated into Section V.C.
c) Between Section IV.G and Section V.C, it circumvents the certifying signature list, allowing anyone who is a department approver anywhere to approve expenses via workflow on any university cost center. If this is the intent, then we have a concern. If it is not the intent, additional verbiage should be added to clarify, such as "If a department approver is approving a document via workflow that is charged to a cost center that they are not authorized to approve as a certifying signatory, then they should attach written approval from an authorizing certifying signatory in the backup documentation."
Response: Changes incorporated to address concerns.

MAPP 05.02.02 - Official Functions and Discretionary
Removed Addendum A, and referenced Account Listing on Finance Reference web page in Section II and Section V.D. Added MAPP 04.01.11 to Section IV.B and MAPP 04.02.05 to Section IV.C. Changed "event" to "transaction" in Section V.I. Removed requirement not to charge alcoholic beverages under any circumstances from Section V.D. Changed P-Card journal to P-Card Expense Report in Section V.E. In Section VIII.C and D, added requirement for vice president approval on the Official Function-Approval Form. Changed reference in Section VIII.H from OMB Circular A-21 to the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. Updated references in Section X.D to University of Houston Children's Learning Centers and University of Houston Charter School.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Question: In Section VII.E, could there be examples provided of university functions where third parties would attend?
Response: Added examples in
Section VII.E. Changes incorporated.

Note: Additional redlines were incorporated to Section VII.A to indicate that no exceptions will be made to exceed $100 per person for business meals except for the president, who may need to exceed the $100 per person limit when meeting with distinguished guests.
MAPP 05.02.03 - Expenditure Reallocation and Correction Removed "account" from Sections I and II. Rewrote Section IV.E on reallocation processing guidelines. Added Section IV.F on transaction process guidelines, both non-contract/grant expenditures and contract/grant expenditures. Added Section IV.G on exception criteria to reallocation deadlines.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.03.01 - Employee Financial Responsibility Provided minor redlines to Section II regarding services. Removed Section III.G on Payment Plan or Payment Agreement. Removed Section IV.G regarding employees participating in delinquent debt and providing payments. Changed Student Financial Services to Student Business Services throughout text. Changed titles in Section V.B.6 and Section V.B.7. Replaced link in Section V.B.7. Changed Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.04.07 - Monthly Cell Phone Allowance This new MAPP has been resubmitted from Quarter 1, FY 2015 due to additional redlines on investigations requiring calling records of cell phones that will be provided by the employee.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Comment: It states that the maximum monthly cell phone allowance will be posted on the Office of Finance's web site, but it is not easy to find. Revise to give correct web site address for users.
Response: Change incorporated.
Comment: It appears that the amount of the phone allowance is flexible. When we had this program before, it was a standard $50.00. Is this the case (a flexible amount for phone allowance each month)? Will this be a problem?
Response: According to the web site regarding monthly cell phone allowance, the FY 2015 maximum is $50, and the FY 2016 maximum is also $50. Any future changes will be posted to the Finance web site, and will take into account any budgetary constraints for departments.

MAPP 06.02.03 - Laboratory Safety Program and Corresponding Safety Manuals Added new Revision Log. Changed Environmental Health and Safety Department to Environmental Health and Life Safety Department (EHLS) in Sections II, IV, V, and V.D. Changed website links as applicable. Updated location of safety manuals in Manuals, Policies, Procedures on the EHLS web site in Sections V and V.D. Removed "General" from Section V.C. Change title in Section VII to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
For Section V.A, users are requesting the inclusion of the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality's (TCEQ's) regulations.
Response: Changes incorporated to indicate higher standards of safety (EPA and OSHA) and addition of TCEQ to Section V.A..
MAPP 07.03.01 - Emergency Management Policy
["ON HOLD" Due to UCC Non-Vetted Process]
Applied revised MAPP template and added new revision log. Changed MAPP number from 06.01.01 to MAPP 07.03.01, and Section from Safety to Public Safety. Added web site for Emergency Management Plan in Section I. Revised text to current operating requirements. Changed title in Section IV to Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance. Added UH Emergency Operations Center web site to Section IV, References. Deleted all Addendums and Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: This MAPP is currently "ON HOLD" due to non-vetted process by the UCC.
MAPP 10.03.06 - College/Division Responsibilities for Information Technology Resources Added new Revision Log. Added the responsibility for creating and maintaining an Information Resource Management Plan for the College/Division Information Resource Manager to Section II.B.1. Removed Technology Partners Program as central point of contact for best practices services in Section II.C. Added University Information Technology (UIT) throughout procedure as applicable. Removed Section VI, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 11.03.01 - Tuition, Fees and Charges Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added links to documentation as applicable. Added roles and responsibilities of persons involved in the process to Section I. Removed Section III.H on Course-related or Instruction-related Fees, and Added Section III.I on Incidental Fees (54.504). Revised Section IV.A and B regarding Tuition and Designated Tuition; added information on the consolidated tuition and mandatory academic fees in the Fall 2012 term in Section IV.B, Fees. Removed Section IV.B.2. regarding General Property Deposit. Added information to Section IV.B.3. on fee increase process for International Education Fees. Added the process for increasing Recreational Facility fees in Section IV.B.4. Also added the process for increasing Student Service fees in Section IV.B.7. Complete rewrite of Section V with an emphasis on the various advisory committees with a role in fee and charge changes. Removed Section VI.B.2 on general property deposit funds. Removed most of the documentation in Section VI.B.6 on incidental fees. Rewrote Section VII on notification and implementation of board-approved actions. Changed and rewrote Section XI on records retention. Added two references to Section XIV. Changed title to Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text. Removed Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
Question: In Section IV.B.4: this lists the amount initially approved for the Rec Facility Fee, but that fee is now $92. The policy defines how the fee can be increased (not more than 10% a year without a student vote), but referencing the initial rate might suggest that we are not in compliance with the law. They put in language for the Student Services Fee in Section 7 to address that the fee is now more than the amount originally authorized by the statute; should the same be done for CRWC?
Response: Language has been added to this section to address this concern. Change incorporated.
Question: In all of the procedural sections, they refer to the "Interim Vice president for Administration and Finance." Should that just be "Vice President for . . or Chief Financial Officer?"
Response: Changed to "Vice President for Administration and Finance" throughout text, but remains "Interim" in the approval field.
Question: In Section VI.3 - The international education fee is not charged; it was rolled into CUSF (which was rolled into the consolidated university fee) several years ago. While their allocation of CUSF is used as described, the fee does not technically exist.
Response: Correct. In the first paragraph of this section, it indicates that the university has consolidated this fee into a new fee. However, this fee was unrevised not to say that UH charges it directly, but rather it is there because this section defines those possible fees as authorized under Texas Law.
Question: Section VII - This refers to the "Manager of Academic Fees" and I believe this position has been done away with. Academic Affairs is responsible for notification of new fees, requesting item types, notifying the Bursar of rate changes, etc.
Response: This section has been revised. Changes incorporated.
Comment: For Section VII, First Paragraph: "The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost shall be responsible for timely notifying the appropriate staff within Academic Affairs of Board action ... The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management shall be responsible for notifying the appropriate staff within Student Affairs of Board action ..."
Response: This section has been revised. Changes incorporated.
Comment: For Section VII, Second Paragraph: "The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost will implement Board-approved voluntary academic fees and lab fees."
Response: This section has been revised. Changes incorporated.
Comment: In Section X, "The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost shall monitor expenditures of revenues from instruction-related academic fees through the annual fee reporting process."
Response: This section has been revised. Changes incorporated.
Comment: In Section X, "The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance shall monitor fee income and expenditure as a part of monthly university budget to actual reports. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost shall monitor instruction-related academic fees at the college level for appropriate expenditure rates based on revenues."
Response: This section has been revised. Changes incorporated.
Question: According to the "Undergraduate Fees – Fiscal Year 2015" web page, one of the mandatory fees is the "Extended Access Fee," which is $264 per semester. This fee does not appear to be addressed in this document in any manner, including definition, amount, uses, etc. In addition, while there appears to be an advisory committee for each of the other fees, there does not appear to be one for this fee.
Response: This fee is managed by the Provost's Office and that is currently under review. Dr. Walker and Dr. Munson concur that a definition is needed, and the need of an advisory committee should be discussed with Provost Short.
Question: Section B.3. "International education fees" - It has been added that this fee can only be increased from $1 to $4 by an election of all students for that purpose. However, the Student Services Fee can be increased from $150 to $250 by a majority vote of the student government. Why the discrepancy? How much will it cost in time and money to increase a fee by $3? Shouldn't SGA have the same authority for this small amount of money?
Response: The method for establishing and increasing the International Education Fee is defined under Section 54.5132 of the Texas Education Code. This code only allows an approval or increase only if it is approved by a majority vote of the students at the institution participating in an election called for that purpose. The statute also established the $150 cap in 1991 which was extended to $250 by a vote of the SGA and administrative approval in 2005 after numerous incremental increases to the fee which were recommended by the Student Fees Advisory Committee and, ultimately, approved by the UHS Board. SGA and administrative approval increased the cap to $270 in 2015.
Question: Section B.3. "International education fees" - The SGA has already voted to increase this fee to $6 per semester (SGA UB-52001, introduced April 15, 2015). Can this section be changed to include a SGA vote, and an increase to $6 per semester?
Response: The statute is clear on this; a majority vote of the students is required and, per statute; "The amount of the fee may be increased only if the increase is approved by a majority vote of the students at the institution participating in an election called for that purpose."
Question: Section B.4. "Recreational Facility Fee" - It states "...not to exceed $75 ..." The Recreation and Wellness fee is already $92 per semester. Why leave this amount in here? Shouldn't it be changed to reflect the current reality? As is, it is confusing and misleading. The $75 amount should be removed.
Response: The policy is correct as stated since this section of the MAPP refers to articles cited in the Texas Education Code. The exact wording of the statute is: "The initial amount of the fee may not exceed $75 for each semester of the regular term or for each summer session."
Question: Section B.7. "Student Services Fee" - It states that "... the maximum allowable for all compulsory fees is $150 per semester ..." However, the current Student Services fee is $250, which is acknowledged in the last sentence of this paragraph. Why leave this verbiage in the policy? Shouldn't it reflect the current fees? As is, it is confusing and misleading. The $150 amount should be removed.
Response: The policy is correct as stated since this section of the MAPP refers to articles cited in the Texas Education Code. In addition, Section B.7 needs to be amended to indicate that the University has established a new threshold/cap of $270 in 2015. The new $270 threshold/cap is an agreement set forth between the President and SGA and does not require Board approval.
Question: Section B.7. "Student Services Fee" - In the second paragraph of this section, it lists the different student services. It is my understanding that the stadium is now part of the Student Services fee. Therefore, is should be listed in this section in the interest of transparency.
Response:This language comes directly from Section 54.5061 of the Code. The list is not exhaustive of all of the special activities funded by the fee although the stadium might be subsumed by the "intercollegiate athletics" category. The same section allows for "any other student activities and services specifically authorized and approved by the Board."
Question: Section V. "Request, Review and Approval of New Tuition, Fees and Charges or Amendment of Existing Fees and Charges," 9th paragraph - Isn't there a Student Center Advisory Committee that also has input into SC fees? If so, shouldn't it be listed also like all of the other advisory committees?
Response:The University Centers Fee Statute, 54.526 specifically cites "approval by a majority vote of the students voting in an election called for that purpose or by a majority vote of the student government." There is no provision for official approval by the Student Center Policy Board. Section IV. B. 3 of the MAPP will be amended to include both approval options: student vote, or SGA approval.

MAPP 13.01.01 - Freedom of Expression This document is being submitted to remove "Interim" designation. Changed "University Center Reservations Office" to "Conference and Reservation Services" in Sections IV and VII. Added Dean of Students or designee to applicable procedures. Updated the title of Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services throughout procedure. Removed acceleration process in Section IV for relocation of expressive activity. Added extra outdoor expressive area, Student Center Circle, to procedure. Renamed UC Plaza to Student Center Plaza, and UC Satellite to Student Center Plaza throughout procedure. Added information tables in between Student Center South and Student Center North in Section VII. Changed approval for display of signs by University departments from ten days to seven days prior to the proposed display in Section VIII. Removed Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, and Vice President for Administration and Finance, from Section XI Approval process. Added new Campus Map to Addendum A.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Comment: Correct two typos. On Page 5, Section IX: First line should say "The President or designated University representatives shall have the authority..." Who are these persons? UHDPS? UHPD personnel? Dean of Students' Office?
Response: Currently, the "designated University representatives" include, but are not limited to, the Dean of Students' Office and the Police Department. However, since other university employees may also have the authority dependent upon the situation at hand, this area will remain "as is" to reflect current operating requirements. Typographic issues corrected.
Comment: Second typo at end of paragraph, "Such activities include, but are not limited to, the following..."
Response: Change incorporated.
Comment: In Section IX, "Emergency Authority" - This section does address "Activities that deny the rights of other students, faculty, and staff of the University." However, you may wish to add a clause that prohibits verbal and/or physical harassment of people. I once witnessed a religious group shouting at people and calling them names if the passers-by refused to talk with them and endorse their ideas.
Response: General Counsel feels that the policy does reflect prohibiting verbal and physical attack on personnel; if anyone is feeling threatened by a Freedom of Expression activity, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) can be called to alleviate the problem.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to the University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures documentation go to

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