MAPPs in Executive Review, Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2015

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston subject matter experts. This includes documents for Quarter 1, FY 2015, and documents overdue for review from Quarter 3, FY 2013 through Quarter 4, FY 2014. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name for the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by November 20, 2014.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.

MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 02.01.04 - Staff Performance Appraisals Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Removed references to supervisor throughout document, replacing with manager. Replaced "Reviewing Official" with "Senior Manager" for Section III.F. Updated Section VI and VII to emphasize ePerformance document and electronic exchange of information, along with current process information. Added
SAM 02.A.26 to Section XII.
Campus/Executive Review Comment: None.
MAPP 02.01.05 - Shift Differential Pay Submitted for complete review cycle to remove "Interim" designation. Updated Revision Log. Removed references to "Full-time" throughout the procedure. Revised 2nd shift and 3rd shift in Section III.A and B. Revised Section III.D from "100% FTE" to "50% FTE or more." Revised Section III.E to redefine shift differential pay. Removed Sections IV.C and IV.G. Defined 2nd shift hours in Section IV.A, and 3rd shift hours in Section IV.B. Changed payment from $.15/hour to $.75/hour for 2nd shift work, and from $.40/hour to $1.00/hour for 3rd shift work in Section V.A. Revised Section V.B for employee's supervisor to verify that the biweekly time sheet correctly calculated the appropriate shift differential pay.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: In Section II: 1) Since 2nd and 3rd shifts are noted by number, should daytime shift be noted with a number or defined explicitly as well? 2) Temporary "and" lump sum employees (versus "or")? 3) Full-time is deleted in purpose and scope; but still present in the third line of the policy statement. Should "full-time" be deleted in Line 3 of Policy as well?
Response: Changes incorporated.
From Section on Definitions, E. Shift Differential Pay. Should you continue to add 2nd and 3rd Shift to clarify?
Response: Change incorporated.
MAPP 02.01.06 - Additional Compensation - Exempt Staff This MAPP is being submitted for review and approval to remove the Interim designation. Revised Section IV.F to reflect current operating requirements for Division of Research. Changed "Chief Human Resources Officer" to "Executive Director of Human Resources" in text and as responsible party. Changed review period from every two years on or before July 1st to every three years on or before July 1st. Removed Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: None.
MAPP 02.01.07 - Consulting and Paid Professional Service - Exempt Staff Added information to Section III.E definition of Multiple Employment concerning no receipt of benefits from the state. Added information to Section IV.A regarding the conditions for approval of the written request. Fixed the Consulting and Paid Professional Service Application Form link and title to UH Main Campus HR web site version throughout text. Added information to Section VI.D regarding dual office holding requests for officers of the System or one of its components. Added Texas Government Code Chapters 574 and 667 to Section XI, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: None.
MAPP 02.05.02 - Employee Time Reporting This MAPP is being submitted for a complete review cycle and approval to remove the Interim designation. Changed title from "Time and Effort Reporting" to "Employee Time Reporting" to match SAM 03.D.03. Removed information from Section I, including fourth paragraph on time and effort reporting. Added Department Payroll Administrator, Full-Time Equivalency, and University Work Week to Section II. Removed Certify, Certifying Signatory, Pay Period ID, Regular Workweek, and Time and Effort Report or Timesheet from Section II. Extensively revised Section III to emphasize TRAM and non-exempt time reporting, including removing Sections III.E through III.I from the contents. Revised Section IV to meet current requirements of TRAM. Removed original Section V on Bi-weekly Time and Effort Reports. Removed Section VIII on Changes or Corrections to Time and Effort Reports. Extensively revised Section V, removing all information on hard copy time sheets. Added MAPP 02.01.05 to Section VIII, References. Removed original Addendums A, B, and C. Added new Addendum A on Hour Rounding Decimal Equivalents Table.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: This MAPP needs to go back to SMEs and UCC for review, in light of references specifics to faculty.
MAPP 02.06.02 - Staff Tuition Scholarship Program Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Fixed title of Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance throughout text. Added Section II.B on Employee "In Good Standing." Fixed and added hyperlinks to documentation throughout text. Changed Section III.5 to document academic probation and academic suspension. Changed web site location of form in Section IV.A, added Listserv information, and included documentation on semester deadline for submittal. Added Section IV, D, E, and F. Removed the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid from confirmation of employee eligibility in Section V,G; HR also confirms that employee maintains a cumulative 2.0 GPA. Changed review period from every three years on or before August 31st to every three years on or before March 1st. Added MAPP 02.06.01 to Section VIII, plus other references from the documentation. Removed Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:

Comment: Please add information on Staff Tuition Scholarship Listserv.
Response: Change incorporated in Section IV.A. Also added links to other information in documentation.
UCC Comments: Provided minor redlines to Section II.B and Section IV.C on "Employee in Good Standing" information.
MAPP 02.08.01 - Violence on Campus Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Changed MAPP number from 02.04.04 to 02.08.01. Changed MAPP title to "Violence on Campus." Removed references to UHPD, and replaced with UH Department of Public Safety throughout text. Added contractors to Section I. Added information about Sexual Misconduct Policy in Section I. Included "persons or property" to definition of "Violence" in Section III.B. Revised Section IV.B with references on unlawful possession using Texas Penal Code Section 46.03 and Section 46.05(a). Added Student Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Office of Equal Opportunity Services to Section IV.C; removed Employee Assistance Program. Rewrote Section IV.D, removing the Campus Crisis Response Team (CCRT). Added criminal trespass warning and being escorted off campus to Section IV.F. Added information on investigations, SAM 01.D.08, and non-criminal investigations by the Dean of Students for students and Human Resources for faculty and staff to Section V. Updated UHPD phone number in Section VI.A. Removed Section VII, Incidences of Violence. Added information about visitors being escorted off campus in new Section VII. Added information about Student Handbook, Applicable HR MAPPs, and Faculty Handbook as references for determination of penalty for students, employees, and faculty in Section VII. Changed responsible party to AVP for Finance. Changed review period from every three years on or before April 1st to every three years on or before March 1st. Removed Section XI and Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: In the section called "Sanctions," should the Department of Public Safety be listed as an agency, given the criminal charges are listed?
Response: UHDPS and Legal Counsel have indicated that the section should remain as originally revised; in terms of sanctions, the DA's Office would determine whether a person is subject to criminal penalties, not the UH Police Department.
UCC Comments (1): Division of Student Affairs is now Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. Can we change this?
Response: Change incorporated.
UCC Comment #2: On Page 4, under Section B, it says what student, staff, and faculty can do for "less immediate threat," but not what visitors can do. It is assumed that visitors should contact DPS, but it is not specifically stated. What do visitors do in less immediate threat cases?
Response: Contact UH Police Department (UHPD). Change incorporated.
UCC Comment #3: For Section V, needs to read as follows: "The University of Houston responds to real and potential acts of violence through the following means: 'Education and training: CAPS, UHDPS and/or Human Resources, in consultation with the TOVAT Team, will periodically provide training programs and individual counseling to managers and supervisory personnel employees, and students, and to other employees on violence-related subjects -- prevention of and response to violence and threats of violence, stress management, and conflict resolution dealing with difficult people."
Response: Change incorporated.
UCC Comment #4:
a) Purpose and Scope Section references violence in university facilities. I suggest that we add "and on university grounds" or replace university facilities and add a definition in Section III as follows: "University grounds: Any University owned, leased, or maintained property located on the University's main campus, including all buildings and structures."
b) Section IV, C. Change the Division of Student Affairs to the current title, "Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services."
c) Section VI, B. Change, Contact the Dean of Students to, "Contact the Dean of Students' Office."
d) Section VII, Sanctions. Change Dean of Students' Office for Students under the Student Handbook to, "under the Student Code of Conduct."
Response: Yes to all changes. Changes incorporated.

MAPP 04.01.01 - Purchase of Goods, Materials, and Supplies through the Purchasing Department Added requirement for purchases exceeding $3,000 that are paid in part with federal funds to be placed on a PO and routed to Purchasing to be in compliance with OMB Circular A-81, which is effective December 26, 2014. Clarified current procedures about which departments create POs and when  POs are required. Removed duplicate language covered in MAPP 04.01.03 regarding what can be paid on a voucher without a PO.

Modified Addendum C approval requirements for purchases over $100,000 to match current procedures.


Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 04.01.03 - Vouchers Added requirement for purchases exceeding $3,000 that are paid in part with federal funds to be paid on a PO voucher to be in compliance with OMB Circular A-81, which is effective December 26, 2014.
Clarified current procedures for approving advertising expenses.

Removed duplicate language covered in MAPP 04.01.01 regarding when POs are required.


Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 04.01.05 - Advance Payment for Goods Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Provided hyperlinks to documents as needed. Added documentation in Section IV.A on the process for advanced payment for proper public purpose. Removed Section IV.A.4 on registration and rental fees. Also removed Section IV.A.6 on legitimate public purpose for making advanced payments. Added the exception in Section IV.B on the purchase of library books and other library materials for HEAF expenditure. Removed Index Terms from Section VII.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 04.01.08 - Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) Added new Revision Log. Changed State of Texas HUB utilization goal percentages in Section IV.A to reflect current operating goals. Added information on HUB Subcontracting Plan in Section IV.I. Removed Index Terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: This document is ON HOLD until new HUB Director is onboard; information to include is a section to cover the new HUB category for disabled veterans.
Response: Provided extensive redlines to documentation on 07/29/2015, including information on Disabled Veterans.

MAPP 04.02.01C - Corporate Travel Card Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Removed definition of "travel" from Section I. Added information on retail charge establishment to Section III.D. Removed reference to Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) and replaced with Texas Comptroller's Office in Section III.E. Added web link for Corporate Travel Card application in Section IV.B, and removed Addendum A. Removed dollar amount of travel insurance from Section V.D. Added MAPP 04.02.01B to Section X. Added web links as appropriate, and removed Index terms.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Section III.D's first sentence is not clear and incomplete. Are all charges to a merchant classified as a "retail" establishment considered part of the retail charge? Who classifies the vendor, and is it a retail charge in all situations?
Response: First two sentences in Section III.D. read as follows: "Any charge to a merchant classified as a 'retail' establishment by the corporate travel card vendor is a retail charge. The vendor ranks as retail by selecting a Merchant Category Code (MCC), so this definition applies to merchants that classify themselves as retail establishments."

MAPP 05.02.01 - Expenditures and Expenditure Authority Added pen and ink signature, digital signature, or signature capture device to Section III.B on certifying. Added Section III.F on definition of digital signature. Added Section III.J on definition of signature capture device. Changed web site location in Section VII.B.2, and added department ID for developing certifying signature lists.


Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.04.03 - Physical Inventory of Goods for Resale, Manufacture, or Repair Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Removed Section III.F.6 regarding Addendum A. Removed Addendum A (Example of Location Diagram) from contents.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.04.04 - Accounts Receivable Revised Section II.D to add requirement when receivable is maintained in an enterprise system with required reporting information. Removed exceptions from Section IV.A.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.04.05 - Reporting Indebtedness to the State Comptroller MAPP 05.04.05 is being submitted for a housekeeping revision.
Revised Section II to add requirement when receivable is maintained in an enterprise system with required reporting information. No additional changes were required per the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Changed Student Financial Services to Student Business Services in Section V and Addendum A.
MAPP 05.04.06 - Bank Account Reconciliation MAPP 05.04.06 is being submitted for a housekeeping revision.
Provided minor housekeeping redlines to Section III, changing the Executive Director of Finance to Controller for notification of items not resolved within 30 days of being referred to another area. No additional changes were required via the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 05.04.07 - Monthly Cell Phone Allowance
(New MAPP)
Initial version (replaces information found in MAPP 10.03.05, Responsibilities for Use of Telecommunications Resources). This new MAPP provides guidelines for the administration of a monthly cell phone allowance to eligible employees at UH.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: None.
MAPP 06.03.01 - Fire and Life Safety Code Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Changed Section responsibility from Public Safety to Environmental Health and Life Safety. Changed MAPP number from 07.02.01 to 06.03.01. Added ERP rental building to Section I. Updated Section II on specific information regarding the Texas Legislature, the State Fire Marshal's Office, and the University of Houston Fire Marshal's office as the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Added Environmental Health and Life Safety to Section III.C definition of Fire Marshal. Added Section III.E on Local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Removed documentation of test results from Section V.A.10. Added Section V.A.19 on permits for renovation and new construction as a building permit. Added reporting all fires to the Fire Marshal's Office in a timely manner to Section V.C.20. Changed Residential Life and Student Housing to Student Housing and Residential Life in Section V.C.4.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Information regarding ERP rental buildings added to Section I.
After Executive Review: Additional redlines were added (Section V.B.) to address Facilities Planning and Construction activities involving the UH Fire Marshal.
After Executive Review: Also changed MAPP number to MAPP 06.03.01, and changed responsible party from AVP for Public Safety and Security to UH Fire Marshal.
MAPP 07.01.03 - Requesting Special
Event Security Services
Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Fixed link for Event Reservation and Rental Information in Section IV.C. Removed 10% surcharge and added expedite fee to Section IV.C. Changed contact information in Section IV.F. Added cost center information to Section V.B. Added expedite fee information to Section V.D.2, and removed Section V.D.3. Added information about payment debited and refunds after minimum charges are assessed to Section V.E. Added Section VIII, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Document was sent back to DPS. Need to make sure that information is consistent with MAPP 09.03.01, and a section needs to be added regarding exception for emergencies.
Response: No changes needed.
MAPP 07.01.04 - Disposition of Lost and Found Personal Property
(New MAPP)
This document was written to ensure compliance with the laws of the State of Texas concerning the identification and disposition of lost and found property while under the control of the University of Houston (UH) Main Campus.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Document sent back to DPS. Need to determine the time period before property is considered abandoned and eligible for disposal.
Response: No changes needed.
UCC Comments/Questions: In
Section IV.B.1 - The addition of clothing that "may have not been in contact with skin" may be relevant to add to this section, since some items could be considered clothing, but would not pose any sanitary concerns (such as purse, belt, or outerwear).
Response: Clothing and related items should not be maintained by the Police Department. Space, inability to identify the owner, and sanitation are all issues. This protocol is a "best practice" generally followed by other police agencies.
Campus/Executive Review Comment: In Section IV.B.4, specifying "unregistered" bikes seems appropriate here.
Response: If the owner of the bike can be idenitfied, contact will be made. A bike owner can be identified at times without the bike being registered with UH. Adding the term "unregistered" would be an unnecessary limitation.

MAPP 08.02.01 - Policy for the Establishment, Evaluation and Discontinuation of Research Organizations
(New MAPP)
This new MAPP document provides guidance concerning the rationale and procedures for establishing research clusters, institutes, centers, core facilities, and laboratories. This document governs those Research Organizations that receive direct financial or other support, including space, from the University of Houston (UH).

Campus/Executive Review Comment: In Section VI.B.3, suggest to reword as follows: a) Describe the proposed RO hiring plan in terms of staffing (e.g., faculty, post docs, students, staff, etc.).
b) Describe the management of the RO.
c) Describe how the business processes will ensure efficient operations and best Return on Investment (ROI).
d) Provide an organizational chart of the RO.
e) Describe the relationship with industry or other institutions?
f) Describe the relationship with the UH Center for Industrial Partnerships (CIP).
g) Describe the RO advisory board, if any.
Response: Redlines incorporated.
In Section VI, second sentence, change "insure" to "ensure."
Response: Redlines incorporated.
Also, may want to reword this sentence to state "...Each RO must have policies to ensure that the operations conform to state and federal statutes and regulations, requirements of funding agencies supporting research conducted by (or awarded to?) the RO, Board of Regents policies, UHS Administrative memoranda..."
Response: Redlines incorporated.
Section VI.A. Proposal Development: Change wording to "The Office of the VC/VP for Research and Technology Transfer will act on the proposal within three months, with final notification from the VC/VP for Research and Technology Transfer."
Response: Redlines incorporated.

MAPP 09.03.01 - Event Reservation and Rental
of University Facilities
Added Section III.F regarding specific guidelines on use of university facilities for political activity. Added Section VII.B on payments and insurance information. Added Associate Provost, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs to Section IX. Added MAPP 07.02.01 and Facility License Agreement Form to Section XI, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Information added on changing "University Center" to "Student Center," and other small redlines.
MAPP 09.04.01 - Capital Facilities Life Cycle Renewal
(New MAPP)
The purpose of this new MAPP document is to define the process for reserving funds for future facility planned renewal for new capital projects and to establish the process for developing a funding source for the established capital program.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 10.03.01 - Acceptable Use of Information Resources MAPP 10.03.01 is being submitted for a housekeeping revision.
Added "telephones" to Section IV.G.1. No additional changes were required per the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 11.02.01 - Higher Education Assistance Funds Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added hyperlinks to documents and corrected titles as appropriate. Revised Section I to reflect current operating requirements. Removed Section II. Removed Section IV.A, E, G, and H. Removed Section V.B, D. and E. Removed
Sections VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X. Added three references to Section VII, References. Removed Index Terms. Removed reference to Addendum A, and revised Guidelines for Expenditure of Higher Education Assistance Funds. Removed Addendum B.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 13.01.01 - Freedom of Expression Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. These changes are recommended because many of the "drop-in expressive activity areas" on campus are under construction and/or unavailable. Additionally, the documented changes are an effort to further broaden the freedom of expression policy to provide even more First Amendment rights to individuals, while at the same time simplifying the policy to be easier to understand and enforce. Non-University affiliated individuals and groups will be treated the same as University affiliated groups in that the entire outdoor campus is an open campus for expressive activity (with of course the reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions we currently have in the policy). If an activity attracts an audience of 25 or more people and/or is blocking entrances/materially disrupting university business operations, the policy states that the University may require the group to move to a different area on campus that can accommodate the larger group or type of activity (the previous version of this policy stated that the University will move the group to one of the 13 drop-in expressive activity areas). In Section IV, Lynn Eusan Park can be reserved for a fee by non-university affiliated individuals or groups. Overnight reservation of outdoor space is not allowed as documented in Section IV. The form used to reservations has been retitled Expressive Activity Description Form in Section IV and throughout the rest of the document. Added Section XII, References. Corrected titles for responsible party and approvals. Removed Addendum A, Campus Map.

Campus/Executive Review Comment:
MAPP 13.01.02 - Conduct Assessment and Response Team (CART) Added "and/or disruptive" to Sections I and II. Added Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students Case Manager, Psychiatrist of UH Health Center, and Assistant Director of Student Housing and Residential Life for Student Conduct to the CART membership list in Section III. Activated web link for FERPA. Updated titles as needed. Added
Section VII, References.

Campus/Executive Review Comment: Removed Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial Affairs and Director of Academic Program Management, and added Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students Case Manager, Psychiatrist of UH Health Center, Captain, University of Houston Police Department, and Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs to the CART membership list in Section III.

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