Fiscal Year 2012 - 4th Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston subject matter experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by November 9, 2012.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 01.01.02 - University Coordinating Commission This MAPP has been rewritten and resubmitted for this review cycle, after not receiving approval in 2010/2011.
MAPP 01.01.02 is a new MAPP.
Executive Review Comment: We request for the Graduate and Professional Studies Council to be added to Section III.A, Commission Membership.
Response: This request will be forwarded to the Provost's Office for a decision. In general, the UCC feels there is adequate representation for graduate programs with the committees of the Faculty Senate already documented for membership with the UCC.
Update: On 11/26/2012, Dr. Charlson decided to include the GPSC in the UCC. Section III.A has been updated with this change.
MAPP 02.02.03 - Leaves of Absence Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added hyperlinks to documents and areas as applicable. In Section V, document was added that leave requests cannot be used across multiple payroll periods. Corrected the reference to the Workers' Compensation MAPP in
Section VIII.A, and also corrected the department name. In Section VIII.D, a paragraph was added military caregiver leave for a current member of the Armed Forces. Added Section XII, References.
Campus Review Comment:
There should be extra information in Section VI.G concerning the extra paperwork required by Payroll for Jury Duty (Jury duty dismissal slip).
Response: Information has been added to Section VI.G concerning adjustments to the Leave Request form when jury duty is completed, and submittal of the Jury Duty Release notice to the employee's supervisor when jury duty is completed.
Campus Review Addition (10/04/2012): Added Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) throughout text.

Executive Review Comment: In
Section 5, it states that "leave requests cannot be used across multiple payroll periods." Why is this?
Response: After an HR audit, Internal Audit stipulated that a Leave Request/Notification Form must be attached to each timesheet. Even making copies of the Leave Request Form and attaching the copy to a subsequent pay period timesheet was not acceptable.

Executive Review Question: Should it be Electronic Personal Action Request (ePAR), or Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR)?
Response: Elecronic Personnel Action Request.

Executive Review Comment: The employee's family as defined for Bereavement Leave (Section VI.F) does not include the employee's specific family members.
Response: The definition will be changed to match the definition of "immediate family" in the Staff Handbook.

Executive Review Comment: Why is the Parental Leave for adopted or foster parents limited to those with children under age 3?
Response: This parameter is based on Texas Government Code, Section 661.913.

MAPP 02.03.06 - Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 This new MAPP was initially reviewed in October, 2010, but was not approved. This is a new review cycle for MAPP 02.03.06.
MAPP 02.03.06 is a new MAPP.
Executive Review Comment: None.
MAPP 02.04.06 - Reduction in Force Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Changed Affirmative Action to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout text to reflect current organizational structure. Redefined "regular employee" in Section II to emphasize nonfaculty positions of at least 20 hours a week, excluding student status. Removed information concerning specific plan review in Section V.B. Added General Counsel to the administrative channels in Section V.C. Removed the reason to bypass RIF employees that did not work in the administrative unit looking for personnel in Section VII.C.2. Redlined Section VIII, Appeal Process. Added MAPP 02.07.01 to Section XI, References. Provided minor redlines to RIF Checklist (Addendum A). Campus Review Comment: Under
Section II B, new definition is entered under Regular employee. "A non-faculty, non-probationary university employee...etc." This policy is excluding faculty from being reduced in force. If we have major budget cuts, it is not fair to only lay off staff.
Response: Faculty is excluded from this policy because they have a separate process for Reduction in Force (RIF) as outlined in their Faculty Handbook.

Executive Review Comment: In Section III.G, the wording should be "unlawful" discrimination or retaliation. This will align with the intent of these changes and reflects Section VIII regarding appeals.
Response: Change applied.

Executive Review Question: Page 3 – Under Section V, A, B, and C, why has the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity been removed from the RIF review list? Although EOS is the office to which an appeal could be directed later, it would seem that by reviewing this process beforehand, they might be able to circumvent an inappropriate RIF in the first place. In addition, EOS is listed as a required approval in the Addendum A Check List, which makes this confusing.
Response: Removed EOS from Addendum A Checklist on Page 7. The approval process no longer involves EOS.

After Approval Cycle: EOS is rescinding MAPP 02.07.01. References were changed in MAPP 02.04.06 to reflect current operating requirements.

MAPP 02.05.01 - Access To/Maintenance of Personnel Folders Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added links to all documents and web sites throughout the procedure. Added Student Employee to Section II.B. Removed beneficiary insurance coverage from personnel file maintenance in Section III.A.2; other changes are to be made through employee self service or sent in writing. Removed Section III.B.4 on each department maintaining personnel files. If an employee or designated representation requests a copy of any documentation, they may be required to pay a copying charge. In Section IV.B.2, all requests for student information require prior authorization for release via FERPA. Emergency contact information can be excluded from public access. Changed the responsible party to the AVP for Finance. Changed the title for the EVP for Administration and Finance for approval. Added FERPA to Section VII, References. Removed Index Terms. Campus Review Comment: I don't agree with the change in Section III B, the removal of Item 4 which means departments are no longer allowed to maintain employee records. When employee records are needed departments are more accurate than HR and things do not get lost or misplaced.
Response: The change in the policy does not require departments to maintain employee records at the departmental level, but it does not prohibit the maintenance of department employee records. The change was made primarily as paper PARs and paper performance documents are now maintained electronically in PeopleSoft HRMS. This eliminates the necessity of departments to maintain paper copies of these electronic documents.
After Approval Cycle Began: Please update information regarding Social security numbers in Section IV.C.1.
Response: Changes incorporated.
MAPP 05.04.02 - Reconciliation of General Ledger Cost Center Balances Added information on length of time between cost center verifications in Sections III.A, III.B, and III.D. Added Section III.C.5 on the component controller approving alternative verification procedures. Added Sections III.E and Section III.F on cost center verification procedure responsibilities and time frames for reviews. Verification worksheets became Verification Reports throughout the procedure. In Section III.G, indicated the retention period for all cost center verification reports, logs and e-mails. After Approval Cycle was Halted For Additional Redlines: Revised procedure on 09/18/2013 after discussion with CDAs as follows: Verification worksheets became Verification Reports throughout the procedure. Added review and approval for the reviewer must be documented in Section III.B. Added Section III.C.5 on the component controller approving alternative verification procedures. Added Section III.D information on the monthly cost center verification report process for the unit administrator. Added Sections III.E and Section III.F on cost center verification procedure responsibilities, retention periods, and time frames for reviews. In Section III.G, indicated the UGLS1074 Verification Worksheet can serve as the verification report.
Response: Changes incorporated. Submitted for approval cycle on 09/19/2013.
Note: MAPP 02.02.02, Parental Leave, was removed from Executive Review on
October 23, 2012; it will be approved as an Interim procedure, and then go through another review cycle in Quarter 2, FY 2013.

MAPPs 07.03.01 (Emergency Management Policy) and 07.03.02 (Business Continuity Planning) were removed from Executive Review on October 30, 2012 for restructuring. These documents will be in another review cycle at a later time.

*Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official.  The changes have been submitted to the University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.  To view official Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures documentation go to

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