Fiscal Year 2011 - 4th Quarter MAPPs in Executive Review

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston subject matter experts. To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by Friday, January 27, 2012.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted. The column titled "Review Comments" indicates the comments/suggestions received during the Campus Review of the policies listed below.
MAPP Number and Name
Proposed Changes Review Comments
MAPP 02.02.06 - Workers' Compensation Applied revised MAPP template and added new revision log. Revised procedure to reflect current operating practices. Removed Addendum A and Index terms. Changed responsible party. These changes were proposed by the Office of Risk Management. Executive Review Comment: Please de-capitalize Claims Coordinator in procedure.
Response: Changes applied.

Executive Review Comment: In several situations in the policy, it specifies that certain activities must be performed within 24 or 48 hours. Add verbiage to specify 24 business hours or a true 24 hours. Likewise, if an employee is working over the weekend or holiday, will the supervisor have to come in to work to complete the paperwork within 24 hours? Please add clarifying verbiage.
Response: Information clarified; see Page 4 of 10 for updated wording.

After Executive Review: SME added Health Care Network and Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form to Section III, plus reference to this information in other areas of the procedure.
Response: Changes applied.

After Executive Review: Changed additional information per comments from EVP of Administration and Finance. Also changed MAPP number from 06.05.01 to 02.02.06, changing the section and area to Human Resources/Benefits.
MAPP 02.02.07- Return-To-Work Program Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added hyperlinks to all applicable areas and documentation. Rewrote Section V and Section VI, emphasizing modified duty, alternate duty, temporary duty, and the offer for bone fide employment. Changed the responsible party to the AVP for Finance. Removed Section IX and Index terms. These changes were proposed by the Office of Risk Management. Executive Review Question: Section VI: Bona Fide offer of employment: The policy mentions offering a temporary job, but nothing about equivalent pay. It should be stated one way or the other whether UH is obligated to continue the same rate of pay nor not.
Response: UH is not obligated to maintain the same rate of pay.

Executive Review Question: If the pay rate is less than workers' compensation, will workers' compensation bridge the gap so that the worker earns at least as much as workers' compensation during their temporary assignment?
Response: Yes. The rate of pay depends on the position or job being offered, which varies from one position, situation, circumstance, or claim being handled at a time. The employee and the employer should agree to the same before the employee signs the offer of employment. Historically or in practice, the rate of pay usually remains the same as the employee's regular position. The intent of this section is to indicate what will/should be included in the Bona Fide Offer of employment; however, the details are handled on a case-by-case basis, and this information should not be included in the policy.

Executive Review Question: Specify the frequency of the periodic reporting required, or how the employee will be informed of the required frequency.
Response: Changes applied.

Executive Review Question: Section V.B, former #s 3 and 4. We do not find a similar option offered in the new version of the policy. Why were these options removed?
Response: In practice, these options were not used. Returning an employee to work who is permanently unable to function at full capacity is more of an HR, Office of EEO/AA, or department function. See MAPP 02.07.02 for this information.

After Executive Review: Changed additional information per comments from Legal Counsel. Also changed MAPP number from 06.05.02 to 02.02.07, changing the section and area to Human Resources/Benefits.
MAPP 02.07.02 - Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for Employees With Disabilities Removed "Interim" designation. Added the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 to Section I. Changed the e-mail address of the ADA Coordinator in Section III.A. Updated the definition of Person with a Disability and Reasonable Accommodation per 29 CFR 1630 (Appendix). Updated the Major Life Activity definition per 42 USC 12102. In Section V.A, the supervisors must notify the ADA Coordination when receiving a request for accommodation from an employee. Updated Section V.B.1 per 29 CFR 1630
(Appendix). In Section V.E.1, added the steps for the interactive review between ADA Coordinator and employee's supervisor per
29 CFR 1630 (Appendix). These changes were proposed by Human Resources/
Office of Legal Counsel.
Campus Review Comment: A question regarding Section III.B, the definition of a person with a disability. The policy has been changed to exclude a person "regarded as" having a disability from workplace accommodation. What does "regarded as" mean, does it have some legal definition? Greater clarification is needed.
Response: We will need to leave the wording "as is" to be consistent with applicable law. The term "regarded as" having a disability means the person is perceived by his or her employer to have a disability, but the person does not actually have a disability. Under applicable law, although a person who is "regarded as" having a disability is protected from discrimination, the person is not entitled to an accommodation unless they actually have a disability.

After Executive Review: Corrected reference to MAPP 02.07.01 to current title.
Response: Changes applied.
MAPP 04.01.03 -
Applied new revision log. Corrected reference to MAPP 04.04.01A througout text. Added Section II.A definition of advertising. In Section VII.N, updated information on advertisement vouchers. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance/Procurement. After Executive Review: Added current information to Section VII.J concerning contractor payments and the need for contracts. Added new procedure to Section VII.M on offset printing, and a new procedure to Section VII.P on vendor identification to reflect current operating requirements.
Response: Changes applied.

After Executive Review: Upon reading the definitions in this MAPP, Section III.B (Authorized Business Management Personnel") and III.C ("Certifying Signatory") are not used. Should they stay in this MAPP?
Response: You are correct that "authorized business management personnel" is not used elsewhere in this MAPP. "Authorized business management personnel" is self-defined in the MAPP in other areas, and can be removed as a definition in Section III. "Certifying Signatory," however, is used to define "Department Approver." As such, this definition is helpful, and should stay in Section III. It is understood that "Authorized" and 'Certifying" individuals are responsible to a higher authority who delegated the authority to them, and they can lose that authority independent on their job.
Action: Section III.B was removed as a definition.

After Executive Review (04/17/2012): Added note to Section VIII.A.2 on faculty member reimbursements to be approved by their academic supervisor, regardless of funding source, per Internal Audit Report #AR2012-17.
Response: Changes applied.
MAPP 04.02.01C - Corporate Travel Card Applied revised MAPP template and added new revision log. Removed definition of "travel" from Section I. Removed reference to Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) and replaced with Texas Comptroller's Office in Section III.E. Added web link for Corporate Travel Card application in Section IV.B, and removed Addendum A. Removed dollar amount of travel insurance from Section V.D. Added web links as appropriate, and removed Index terms. These changes were proposed by the Office of Finance.
MAPP 09.03.01 - Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Revised title of MAPP to add "Event." Added information in Section I to address event's purpose and document MAPP 13.01.01. Added "Drop-In" Areas, Administrative Event, Public Event, Invitation-Only Event, High Impact Event, High Profile Event, Social Event, and University-Sponsored Events to Section II. Added information on General Purpose Classrooms to Section III.A, including Official Day of Record (ODR) requirements. Revised information in Section III to reflect current operating requirements, emphasizing the communication between the reservation office, DPS, Fire Marshal, Parking and Transportation, and Auxiliary Services for event coordination. Added Section VI.C on the requirements for departmental sponsorship of an event or activity. Removed most of the information from Section VII, emphasizing payments and insurance. Also removed most of the information from Section VIII, emphasizing Facility Use Agreements. Addendums were removed from policy and inserted as web links where appropriate. Added three responsible parties. Added Vice President of Student Affairs and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost to document approval. Removed Index terms and added applicable forms and documents to Section XI. These changes were proposed by the Offices of University Services/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs. Campus Review Question: How does renting classrooms by entities like Becker Review, Kaplan, and Princeton Review fall under this policy? They offer their classes here and we charge them per student. Is this considered taxable income?
Response: These reviews are educational/scholarly in nature (as opposed to print and television advertising and movies). We think it is considered to be "unrelated business income."

Campus Review Question: Please add Section VI.C on the requirements for departmental sponsorship of an event or activity.
Response: Information added per the request of UH DPS.

Campus Review Request: Please modify Section III.E.2 on UH DPS responsibilities; this information will be addressed in MAPP 07.01.03.
Response: Information modified per the request of UH DPS.

Campus Review Request: Please modify Section III.E.3 on the Fire Marshal; this information will be added to MAPP 07.01.03, along with the food safety information originally in this MAPP.
Response: Information modified per the request of UH DPS.

Campus Review Input: Based on redlines by UH DPS, it is difficult to establish the responsibilities of the "Licensee." If a staff member is reserving the room for the department, is the staff member responsible for damages from the event?
Response: According to Legal Counsel, the department should have presence at the event (someone designated) to decrease the possibility of damage. A note was added to Section II.F, referencing Section V and Section VI.C.

Cullen Performance Hall Comments (Executive Review): With the exception of renaming the "University Sponsorship Verification Form" to "Co-Sponsorship Verification form" (which may be split out into two forms or integrated, based on committee preference in a later revision cycle), other redlines in linked document were implemented as needed.

Cullen Performance Hall Additional Redlines: Additional changes made to Section VI to address the Co-Sponsorship Verification Form, creation of facility-specific co-sponsorship forms, and use of the University Sponsorship Verification Form for co-sponsorship.

MAPP 10.03.01 - Acceptable Use of Information Resources Applied new MAPP template and Revision Log. Name changed from Computer User Responsibilities to current title. Added definitions to Section III. Additional user responsibilities were added, and the user notification methods were updated to reflect current process. Updated action taken in case of violation. Removed References and Index Terms. These changes were proposed by University Information Technology (UIT).
Note: This MAPP was reviewed as part of Quarter 3, FY 2011. It has been added to this review cycle with additions to Section IV.G.8 and additional redlines.
Executive Review Comment: Please add web site links to the University Information Technology (UIT) policies and UIT general web site in Section V.C.
Response: Changes applied.

After Executive Review (02/07/2012): Minor redlines submitted by UIT, including a link to the current obsensity laws.
Response: Changes applied.

After Review With Legal Counsel: Obsensity information was rephrased.
Response: Changes applied.
MAPP 12.01.01 - Scholarship Administration Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Added information concerning UH employees who are also students to Sections III and IV. Added parameters to scholarship reception by UH employees who are also students in Section IV. These changes were proposed by the Office of Academic Affairs. Executive Review Note: Changes in the language for MAPP 12.01.01 was derived after a recent audit of the Scholarship Services Department. In order to ensure that all scholarships awarded to employees are done in a fair and equitable manner, internal audit recommended that "written approval of the Vice President responsible for that cost center" be added to the process.

Executive Review Question: PIs use grant funds on scholarships for their people, if the funds allow it. Does the VP really want to approve all of these?
Response: Yes, in terms of the VP of the specific cost center.

After Executive Review: Academic Affairs added information to Section II.B to change fellowship program to Doctoral Student Fellowship Program (DSTF), and make the Associate Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies as the determinate of graduate student status. Spelled out Cost of Attendance and Higher Education Act in Section IV.D.2.
MAPP 12.03.01 - Extension Programs Applied revised MAPP template and added new Revision Log. Updated the definition of Extension Programs in Section II to include certificates and degrees. Changed the Office of Education Outreach to the Office of University Outreach throughout the documentation. Changed the procedures in Section IV.A for Extension Program Development. Updated the Institutional Review and Approval cycles for graduate and undergraduate programs in Section IV.B. Changed information on billing, payment collection and revenue distribution in Section X. These changes were proposed by the Office of Academic Affairs. After Executive Review: Minor redlines to Section IV.A.1, Bullet 10 from the Graduate and Professional Studies Council.

After Beginning of Approval Cycle: Updated information on billing, payment collection and revenue distribution in Section X, emphasizing funds being delivered to cost centers associated with the Extension Program.
Response: Changes applied.

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