MAPPs in Campus Review, Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2019

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by March 22, 2019 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted by the SME for Campus Review.

MAPP Number and Name
Review Initiated By
Proposed Changes
MAPP 01.01.02 - University Coordinating Commission
(Additional Review Cycle - Plus 1 Year Since Last Review Cycle with No Approval)

Office of Faculty Senate
(Division of Academic Affairs)
Added full review cycle documentation and housekeeping changes documentation to second paragraph of Section I. Updated titles throughout text. Removed Section III.A.1.g. Added Section III.A.6 for the University Policies and Procedures Coordinator. Updated Section IV.B Note on submittal of MAPP documents to the UCC in compliance with the University's quarterly policy review schedule. Changed the Responsible Party from Executive Associate Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs to Associate Provost, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before June 1.

MAPP 01.03.01 - Baseline Standards

Office of Finance
and Accounting (Division of Administration and Finance)
Updated titles and links as applicable. Added "annual" to reporting to Section V.D. Added Section V.E for updates to baseline standards to be resubmitted when department responsibilities change. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before March 1.

MAPP 02.01.03 - Overtime/ Compensatory Time

Office of
Human Resources (Compensation)
Updated links and titles as applicable. Added Section VIII.I on supervisors cannot require employees to use compensatory time in lieu of sick leave, when accrued sick leave is available. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before June 1.

MAPP 02.01.04 - Staff Performance Appraisals
Office of
Human Resources (Compensation)
Revised Paragraph 2 of Section II to indicate new employees hired on or before September 1 must receive a formal performance appraisal; also changed in this section that all regular staff employees shall receive a performance appraisal at least once a year. Changed Section VI.B to document anyone transferred, promoted to a new position or not completing a probationary period on or before September 1 must have a performance appraisal by the manager. Changed the review period from every three years to every five years on or before June 1.

MAPP 02.03.03 - Employee Orientation and Sign-Up

Office of
Human Resources (Recruitment and Employment)
Extensively revised documentation for Section III, splitting up the information between Regular Staff Employees and Non-Regular Staff Employees. Added three new sections
(Sections IV.A, IV.B and IV.C) on New Hire Orientation sign-up. Removed Section IV.C and Section IV.D on employee brining information and HR providing information on attendance. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before March 1. Removed UH Staff Handbook and added Listing of Acceptable Hiring documentation to Section IX, References.

MAPP 02.04.05 - Termination Clearance
Office of
Human Resources (Employee
Removed temporary and student employees from the procedure, adding the exception in Section I and removing the reference from Section II.B, Definitions. For Section III.C, removed the clause "within one week of the last day worked." Added to Section III, second paragraph, the employee can view pending items on their eTermination Checklist in PeopleSoft, as well as electronic communication. Added Research closeout information to end of Section III listing. Added the supervisor requirement in Section IV to notify the DBA within three days of receiving the employee's separation. In Section V, first paragraph, added information about the DBA's responsibility to ensure all action listed in Section V be completed by the employee's separation date, based on the employee's duties and status. Added requirement to submit ePAR within five days of receiving notification of employee separation in Section V, along with removing all Research closeout instructions now located in Section III. Changed review period from every two years to every five years on or before August 1 .

MAPP 02.05.02 - Employee Time Reporting

Office of
Human Resources (Records/
Updated titles and links in text. Changed phrasing in
Section IV.A.5 for supervisor to adjust leave requested "not taken." Updated Section V.B to effort certification to be completed in a timely manner. Redlined Section V.C to indicate effort reports are performed online, and a full justification must be included. Deleted Section V.D. Changed the review period from three years to five years on or before December 1.

MAPP 02.06.01 - Staff Training and Development
Office of
Human Resources (Training and
Updated links and titles as applicable. Updated Section V.A, Required Training with the categories of New Hire, Annual, Role based, Finance, System Access Human Resources, Research, and Other/Department Based. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before January 1.

MAPP 04.01.08 - Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)

Office of
HUB Office
Updated links and titles as applicable. Added "Service" to Disabled Veterans in Sections III. A and B. Removed Heavy Construction other than building contracts from Section IV.A. Changed HUB to Purchasing for guidelines for UH Bidding requirements in Section V.A. Revised Section V.C from annual vendor fair to annual events and seminars. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before August 31. Added UH Purchasing Web site to Section VIII, References.

MAPP 07.01.04 - Disposition of Lost and Found Personal Property
Department of
Public Safety
Updated links and titles as applicable. For Section II.C, added controlled asset information from the State Comptroller's web site, Appendix A. In Section IV.A, added information that all lost and found property from other departments must be turned in the UH Police Department within ten (10) business days of being received. Removed non-UH keys with no identifying marks from Section IV.B.3 for objects with no intrinsic value. Added abandoned bicycle information found in MAPP 09.04.02. Removed the Assistant Vice President for Public Safety as a Responsible Party in Section VI and as an approver in
Section VII. Added Chief of Police - University of Houston to Section VI and Section VII. Revised review period from every three years to every five years on or before August 31. Added MAPP 09.04.02 among other web sites to Section VIII, References.

MAPP 07.01.05 - Campus Carry Policy
Department of
Public Safety/
Office of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Updated titles and links as applicable. Added Section III.E on Temporary Exclusion Zone; also added Section III.M on University of Houston Campus. Updated Section V.D on open carry to include all persons, including license holders being prohibited from openly carrying a handgun on the UH campus. Added Section V.L.13 on large-scale performance or sports venues during ticketed events, and Section V.L.14 on areas where there are Reasonably Justified Safety Concerns on a Temporary Basis. Added Section V.M on the process for Appeal of Decision. Changed review period from every three years to every five years on or before August 1. Added Texas Penal Code, Section 30.06 to Section VIII, References.

MAPP 08.03.01 - Data Management and Sharing
(Removing "Interim" Designation)
Division of Research (Research Integrity and Oversight)
In full review cycle to remove "Interim" designation. Removed footnotes in document and made the information part of the text.

MAPP 09.03.01 - Event Reservation and Rental of University Facilities

Departments/Offices of:
Auxiliary Services; Facilities; University Registrar
(Division of Administration
and Finance/
Division of Student Affairs and
Enrollment Services)
Applied revised MAPP template to meet current documentation standards. Updated links as applicable. Changed title of document by adding "Event" to the front of the title. Changed the definitions for Auxiliary Space (Section II.A) and Education & General Space (Section II.B). Added definitions for Formal Public Art Spaces (Section II.D) and Centrally- Managed Spaces (Section II.E). Revised Section III.C for non-educational/external requests to be submitted to Auxiliary Services at least 6 weeks in advance, instead of 72 hours in advance. Also in Section III.C, individuals or groups who cancel less than 24 hours in advance will forfeit their deposit. Updated Section III.D with the responsibility for oversight of using facilities for commercial purposes belongs to the Office of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations and Office of Administration. Additionally, Auxiliary Services is responsible for contract documents for external parties using University facilities. Added the link for the DPS Special Event Personnel Request Form and the information for rates in Section III.E. Added Section VI, Parking. Updated Section VII, Food and Beverages to current operating requirements. For Section VIII, Facility Use Fees, removed most of the rate content, and added a web site location for room rental rates for external groups. In Section VIII.C, time period changed from five business days to two weeks for deposits, rental fees, and special support services. Revised Section VIII.D, Fee Waivers. Changed Certificate of Insurance rates in Section IX.B. Changed review period from two years to five years on or before July 31. Added Section XII, References, and removed Index Terms. Updated Addendum A. Removed Addendum B (Police Services form is online).

MAPP 09.03.03 - Space Management Policy
(New MAPP)

Facilities; Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs; University Registrar (Division of Administration
and Finance/
Division of
Academic Affairs/
Division of Student Affairs and
Enrollment Services)

This document outlines the policies for improving the overall utilization of space at the University of Houston, including instructional, research, office and administrative space. Space decisions will take into account strategic initiatives, campus master plans, financial impact and the most efficient use of space. All University buildings and land belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the institution's overall priorities and needs. The scheduling of all University rooms that contain credit-based instruction are managed by the Office of the University Registrar.

MAPP 13.01.01 - Freedom of Expression

Office of the Dean
of Students and the
Office of General Counsel)
Removed "including classes and University business activities" from unlawful activities in Section I. In Section IV, changed reservation space for any single event to any single "user, be it a reserving group or individual." In Section VI.B, revised amplified sound level from 80 decibels to 75 decibels, which is the maximum decibel level permitted by the City of Houston. In Section VIII, signs are placed, not planted on University grounds. Changed the review period from every three years to every five years on or before March 1.

Please note that the policies contained in this section are not official and not approved. The changes have been submitted to University Policies and Procedures and are currently under review.
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