MAPPs in Interim Review and Approval, Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2019

The following MAPPs have been recommended for interim review and approval by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts (SME). To review the proposed changes, please select the policy name to view the linked document.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted by the SME for Interim Review.

MAPP Number and Name
Review Initiated By
Proposed Changes
MAPP 08.03.01 - Data Management and Sharing (Interim)
Division of Research (DOR)
This MAPP is being submitted for Interim Approval based on Internal Audit Report Number AR 2014-28, Information Security Standards.
This Interim MAPP has been composed to ensure Division of Research meets Internal Audit Report Number AR2014-28, Information Security Standards. The MAPP address information generated during a research project being classified as Level 1, and all data management principles regarding the life cycle of a research project.
Note: This MAPP will be submitted for Quarter 3, FY 2019 Review Cycle to remove "Interim" designation.

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