MAPPs in Campus Review, Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2018

The following MAPPs have been recommended for review by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). To review the proposed changes, please select each policy name to view the linked document and send your comments, if any, to by October 13, 2017 (Friday).

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted by the SME for Campus Review.

MAPP Number and Name
Review Initiated By
Proposed Changes
MAPP 02.02.02 - Parental Leave
Office of Human Resources
Updated links and made minor grammatical corrections throughout text. No additional changes were indicated by the Subject Matter Expert (SME).
MAPP 02.02.02 has been submitted with Housekeeping Changes only, per the documentation in MAPP 01.01.01, Section VI.C.
MAPP 02.02.08 - Fitness Release Time and Wellness Leave
Office of Human Resources
This document was submitted to remove the Interim designation. Removed references to "main" campus throughout document. Removed list of approved physical fitness activities from Section III.F and revised web site. Added information to Section IV.C.5 on conditions where FRT may be connected to an employee's lunch hour. Revised Section IV.C.6 regarding supervisor's rights to decrease the amount of FRT allowed or revoke the program for employee. Updated Section IV.D.4 to emphasize using Wellness Leave in the Calendar Year it was earned. Removed note under Section IV.D.4. Removed completion e-mail requirement from Section V.B.5. Added Section V.B.9 on Wellness Leave being awarded once in a Calendar Year when requirements have been met.
MAPP 07.01.05 - Campus Carry Policy
Office of
General Counsel/
Legal Affairs
Edits provided to Section III.I on the topic of grievance to clear up the difference between disagreements and grievances. Added the word "concealed" for a handgun in Section V. Updated Section V.A regarding handgun temporary storage during an employee's work shift when the employee is present; guns are not to be stored in office lockers, gym lockers or other lockers in public areas. Handguns also cannot be stored openly in cars. Divided Section V.K on establishment of exclusion zones, and provided link to application on exclusion zones in Section V.K.2. Added Section V.K.5 on the deadline for temporary exclusion zones for scheduled events. Added Section V.L.13 on banks and credit unions for exclusion zones. Included link to application to establish, modify, or eliminate a campus carry exclusion zone in Section VIII, References, and removed Appendix 3 outdated application in favor of the new form with a link.
MAPP 09.04.02 - Bicycles on Campus (New MAPP)
Office of Facilities/
Construction Management
This is a New MAPP.
The purpose of this document is to explain bicycle registration on campus, regulate bicycle parking on campus, describe pick-up of abandoned and seemingly abandoned bicycles, and detail the removal of bicycles that impede access to and egress from buildings.

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