MAPPs in Interim Review and Approval, Quarter 4, Fiscal Year 2015

The following MAPPs have been recommended for interim review and approval by University of Houston Subject Matter Experts (SME). To review the proposed changes, please select the policy name to view the linked document.

The column titled "Proposed Changes" briefly explains the updates that have been submitted by the SME for Interim Review.

MAPP Number and Name
Review Initiated By
Proposed Changes
MAPP 04.04.01A - Contracting - General (Interim 2)
Office of Legal Counsel (Contract Administration)
nterim 2 release due to Texas Legislature changes to contracting by state entities. Abbreviated Office of Contract Administration to OCA, and Office of General Counsel to OGC throughout text. Added rule of revised contract amount not exceeding 25% of total amount does not need to go to Board of Regents in Section II.D; however, if revised contract amount exceeds $1,000,000, then Board of Regents must approve the amendment, change, extension or renewal. Added Office of Real Estate Services (ORES) to Section III.A as originating unit for real estate contracts. Included Section III.B.5 to report all contracts exceeding $0.00 to an applicable web site after September 1, 2015. Removed “Intellectual Property” from Division of Research throughout text. Added process of forwarding an electronic copy of the contract to OCA after contract execution in Section III.I. Indicated exclusion for utility easements to Section III.K.2. Added threshold of $1,000,000 for real estate leases to Section III.K.3. Added Section III.K.4 on oil and gas leases with a bonus exceeding $100,000, and added Section III.K.7 on Board of Regents review for contracts over $1,000,000 or increases the value of contract by 25%. Revised Section IV.B, removing state and local funds, and added Office of Real Estate Services to process of creating contracts for leased space, adding a parameter of six (6) months to begin work on the contract. Updated Section IV.C.3 to post contract information on the Texas Register, without other requirements by the LBB. Added Office of Tax Department to Section IV.D on revenue generating contracts. Removed original Section IV.G. Updated requirement to report to Administration and Finance yearly for leased space contracts in Section IV.G. Updated Section IV.H reference Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) instead of Texas Electronic Marketplace. Changed contact for vendor identification to the Accounts Payable Department in Section IV.I. Added e-mail address, phone number, and account code to necessary requirements for contracts to Section V.A. Changed parameter for review by OGC to contracts with value exceeding $25,000 to Section V.C.1. Added underwriting at Houston Public Media that is under $25,000 to recurring revenue-generating services in Section V.C.4. Changed requirement for contact completion to electronic submission in Section V.G. Added Late Justifications and Insurance Provisions to Section V.I and Section V.J. Updated Invitation to Bid, Request For Proposal, Request for Offers, Request for Qualifications, Informal Bids, and Sole Source in Section V.K.3; the OCA reviews all ITBs, RFPs, RFOs, and RFQs for compliance. Updated Section VI.A and Section VI.C for PO Vouchers and contractor expenses. Added Associate Vice President for Finance to responsible parties. Added Addendum A for Delegated Signature Authority, Addendum B for Contract Coversheet, and Addendum C for Recommendation for Award as links; removed original Addendum A through Addendum E.
Note: This MAPP will be submitted for Quarter 1, FY 2016 to remove "Interim 2" designation.

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